Love Island 2016: Zara Holland in tears as she's dropped for Kady McDermot

Love Island 2016

Zara Holland was in tears on Love Island 2016 yesterday after she was dropped for Kady McDermot by Scott Thomas.

In scenes that will air on tonight's show, Zara was left upset when Kady entered the villa and Scott made a play for her.

Speaking after first entering the villa, Kady discussed her options in the Beach Hut: “[Javi’s] my type, I think he’s the best looking. But then I wondered if he’s just going for whatever girl that came in because he wants to be coupled up with someone. We’ll have to see. I need to see what he’s about.”

Love Island 2016

Keen to keep her options open though, Kady said: “I have got my eye on Scott. He’s got a nice smile, nice teeth. He’s just lovely. He just seems so normal.”

Kady made an equally strong impression on Zara: “[Kady’s] very ‘I’m going to go in there and get what I want’. I don’t believe she’s a girl’s girl. She’s sat with all the boys now. We’re a similar height, she’s got a good body. I don’t really see what she’s got to offer that I’ve not.”

Sat together on the ‘Break-up Bench’, Scott told Zara: “I’m going to have to be honest with you now. On paper, you’re amazing. But I think me and you are missing something. You’re absolutely mint but I’ve got to be completely honest with you. I’m not a touchy feely guy and I think you need somebody loving. Do you understand? I feel like I’m being fake. You deserve better. You’re selling yourself short.”

Upset and in tears, Zara said: “I’m being mugged off again. It never works out for me. What have I done wrong? That’s what I don’t understand. That’s why I always have my guard up, because I always get with a guy I fall for - I obviously fell for that t**t. I just feel like a mug.”

Infuriated, Zara talked to the other islanders in the bedroom: “I’ve been mugged off by him. Who the f**k does he think he is? I feel like a mug.”

Whilst having a conversation with Sophie, Zara noticed Kady was in her bed with Scott: “Is she joking me right now?”

Zara walked over to her bed and announced to the room: “I’m going to bed. I’m not being funny, but this is still my bed. Go and crack on over there if you want. I literally can’t even believe what I’m seeing to be honest. I think it’s weird.”

Referring to an earlier conversation where Daniel and Zara had agreed to couple up if they’re both left single, Scott replied: “I think it’s weird that you’ve said you’ll couple up with Daniel.”

Angry and upset, Zara said: “I’ve never said that, I’ve literally cried my eyes out downstairs over you. So don’t even start. Are you actually having a laugh?”

Daniel entered into the increasingly heated argument saying: “That’s not what I told [Scott]. I’m disappointed Scott, because you know exactly what I said to you. This is my fault for trying to be a decent guy. F**k this.”

Love Island 2016

The next day, Zara talked to Olivia about Kady: “It’s just about respect. She could have come up to me and said ‘I know you’re a bit p***ed off about Scott’. She hasn’t even come up to me. It’s blatantly obvious how I felt about Scott. All it is, is a quick five minute chat.”

Kady joined Zara and Olivia by the pool and talked to them about who she’s attracted to: “Obviously Scott’s nice. I wasn’t attracted to him looks wise initially, I think it’s his personality. He’s got good chat. Javi’s nice as well. I think I’d walk all over him though.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight on ITV2 from 9PM.

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