Love Island 2016 spoilers! Newbies stir up trouble as they join the villa

Love Island 2016

There are two new arrivals in the Love Island 2016 villa tonight and they make quite the entrance.

On Love Island 2016 tonight, Terry Walsh and Kady McDermot make an explosive appearance after they were voted in to the villa by viewers via the app

From the moment the pair stepped foot inside the villa, things started to heat up.

In scenes that will play out on tonight's show (ITV2 at 9PM) Olivia was clearly attracted to Terry from the moment he walked in: “I’m sorry, but how can a guy like that walk in. He’s me all over.”

love island 2016 newbies

Whilst the rest of the Love Islanders continued drinking in the hot tub, Olivia took Terry to one side: “Yesterday I was in a right two and eight because people were trying to make me choose between two people I didn’t even fancy.”

Nervous that he might be getting himself into an awkward situation, Terry said: “I want to know what’s going on and what sort of position I’m putting myself in, because I don’t want to be mugged off. I just want to know where you’re at.”

Daniel became incensed by Olivia and Terry’s obvious attraction to each other, telling Zara: “I’m done with being a nice guy. I wanted to get to know [Olivia]. When she knew another girl was coming in, she jumped on me and told me not to get any other ideas.”

In the Beach Hut, Daniel continued: “I’m a gentleman above all. My mum brought up a gentleman and that’s what I am. But at the same time, if you f**k with a gentleman you’re going to know about it.

Daniel confronted Terry and Olivia face to face: “Terry - no disrespect to you, I’ve just met you. But let’s get one thing straight...”

Directing his attention to Olivia, Daniel continued: “You need to explain yourself to me. So what’s the situation? I’ve just been an absolute mug and completely fobbed off this girl who’s just come in, because you said to me ‘Do not do anything tonight’.

Love Island 2016

"I really wanted to get to know you, I’ve been trying and trying. I’ve been a loyal little bitch and let Javi take that girl. I thought I had a girl, because that’s what you said to me. You said you’re honest, you don’t cheat, and you don’t go behind people’s backs.”

Annoyed by Daniel’s accusations, Olivia replied: “How do I know who’s going to come through the door? It’s about the spark. It’s a game. You’re putting words in my mouth. I didn’t lie to you. Oh my god, get out of your a**e. You’re saying that I’ve put myself in this position. I’m telling you, I have a spark [with Terry]. Did I not say to you that we didn’t have a spark?”

As the argument continued to get more heated, Daniel said: “Don’t shout at me, I’m not your little dog. The problem is, I’m too honest with you and you’re not honest with me.”

Terry’s entrance into the villa also made an impact on Sophie: “Terry has definitely turned my head. He’s not only turned my head, he’s turned everybody’s head. I said coming in this villa I don’t think I’d get the horn, but it’s so hard not to when you’ve got guys like Terry coming in. It’s uncontrollable.”

After a few drinks, Sophie told Tom: “I’m so horny.” Her attraction to Terry didn’t go unnoticed by Tom, who replied: “Yeah, because of him?”

In the Beach Hut, Tom confessed: “Terry arriving did bother me. He looks quite similar to me, which obviously Sophie likes and I’m a bit worried.”

Later, in the bedroom, Tom asked Sophie again why she was turned on. Sophie said: “[Terry’s] got tattoos on his hands.”

Tom stormed into the bedroom: “I’m not taking s**t. She’s saying she’s turned on by him.”

Sophie told the Beach Hut: “I do feel like things have moved a bit too fast with me and Tom. I’m not ready to think that far ahead yet. I’m here to see what’s out there, to have a bit of fun and to spread my wings and enjoy it.”

The next morning, Tom and Sophie sat down for a heart to heart but it all got very awkward.

Without sparing her feelings, Tom told Sophie exactly what he thought of her: “You acted like a s**g last night, and it put me off you so much. I thought ‘If this is who she is, I’m not game at all’. You looked like a s**g.”

Shocked, Sophie replied: “You’ve completely misunderstood me. If you knew the amount of people I’ve slept with this year… like two people this year. How many people have you slept with this year?”

Tom stunned Sophie by saying: “One. I’ve done my sleeping around, I’m done with it. [But] I’m sorry if I offended you.”

Love Island 2016 tom sophie

Reflecting on what he’d said to Sophie, Tom told the Beach Hut: “The way I described her this morning, I shouldn’t have described her like that. Sometimes I don’t have the best way of explaining things. I said it without thinking and I upset her.”

Sophie also took some time to reflect on her relationship with Tom in the Beach Hut: “I just want to have a good time, I don’t want someone on my back telling me what I should and shouldn’t be doing. I want to get drunk, I want to have fun, I want to be daft. Just chill out. I just want to move on from it. Maybe not drink as much wine tonight because when I drink I turn into some sex crazed lunatic.”

She continued: “Tom’s giving me all this chat and I don’t know whether to believe it. It might be that he’s just desperate to stick in a couple for the game. I don’t know him well enough yet. So I guess I’m still keeping my options open, but I’m just getting to know Tom at the same time.”

Love Island 2016 continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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