Love Island 2016 to get two new Islanders tonight - but who will they be?!

Love Island 2016

Two new islanders will enter the Love Island 2016 villa in tonight's show having been voted for by the public.

A free vote via the new Love Island app look place last night as fans were given the chance to pick who should join the show.

Following the results, Scott received a text and started to scream, which created both excitement and trepidation amongst the islanders. Scott revealed that the boys were to host a welcome party for a new girl coming into the Love Island villa.

When it became clear that Scott was excited at the prospect of new people entering the villa, Zara said: “Yeah, Scott’s reaction was brilliant wasn’t it? Great, wonderful, fantastic. I knew it. My gut feeling is always right and I know she’s going to be Scott’s type. I just know. And it’s done me in, I’m literally fuming. He’s a lovely guy and I believe him, but sometimes things change.”

Scott said: “If a girl comes in and she’s absolutely stunning and my type to a tee, then that puts me in a position where I feel like I’m holding back from making the right decision for me. I’m in a position of power. I can probably go out there, have my pick and then come back to a safe situation.”

But the boys’ delight was soon to turn to shock when another text came in telling the girls that a new boy would also be entering the Love Island. Tom was clearly devastated: “I’m scared, nervous and freaking out a little bit. I’m shaking.”

Sophie confessed to Javi and Scott that she was having reservations about Tom: “It’s early days. I feel like, I don’t know if Tom might be coming on a bit too strong. Part of me feels like ‘argh!’ and I’m being swept away. I don’t want him to change, because he’s lovely. But I maybe want to slow down a bit because you never know what’s round the corner. I’m looking out for myself a little bit. Tom’s already talking about coming up to Newcastle and how it’s going to be when we leave. For me, it’s a bit full on. I should stop it now before I commit myself verbally.”

Love Island 2016

Excited at the prospect of meeting a new love interest, Olivia said: “The guys were going mental over their new girl and now we’re hosting a party for a new guy. I feel like it’s going to kick off again. I could be swayed; I haven’t had that spark yet.”

As the champagne corks fly, will any of the islanders have their heads turned?

Tune into Love Island on ITV2 at 9pm tonight to see which two new arrivals will shake up the villa.

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