Love Island 2016 spoilers! Row after Cara De La Hoyde rejects Nathan Massey's advances

Love Island 2016

There's drama on Love Island 2016 tonight when Cara De La Hoyde rejects Nathan Massey's advances.

In scenes that took place yesterday and will air in tonight's episode on ITV2, Nathan and Cara cuddled up in bed. When Cara declined a kiss, Nathan told her: “You’re the most frigid girl I’ve ever met in my life, you are frigid aren’t you? Do I intimidate you? I thought so.”

The next morning, Cara was hurt and upset by Nathan’s comments, telling Olivia and Malin: “I think he’s such a d**k, I’m not talking to him today. He started trying to put it on me but I don’t like drunk people. And then he’s like ‘You’re the most frigid person I’ve ever met in my life’.”

Love Island

In the Beach Hut, Cara explained why she was so upset by what Nathan had said: “My work is quite provocative. With burlesque you’re stripping, most nights I’ll be in pasties and a thong, so you’re exposed. Obviously that’s not private Cara, that’s work Cara, that’s performing Cara. So for people to get to know ‘proper Cara’ it takes a bit more time and if someone’s not willing to wait around that’s fine.”

Cara continued: “If someone else comes in and you want the easier option, then take it. I’m not going to compromise how I am because you want a certain thing - it doesn’t work like that. So the plan today is to talk to everyone, don’t talk to Nathan, and just do what I want to do. I’ve got my thong bikini on today, let’s see if he notices - he can look but not touch."

By the pool, Nathan tried to talk to Cara: “You’re a mind-f**k you are, aren’t you? I can handle [my drink], I just can’t handle you. You’re bloody feisty aren’t you?”

Cara told him: “I’m not, I told you I was in a mood. You was a pr**k last night. You’ve got a vicious mouth on you once you’ve had a drink you’re a proper Essex boy. You have a couple of drinks, open your mouth and let it go loose. Don’t drink if you can’t handle it.”

The couple then received a text to let them know they were to leave the villa on a date. An apprehensive Cara said: “In here you’re always with everyone. When you’re on a date, it’s just you. Oh god, I’m going to be stuck with him for ages, putting up with all his chat.”

For their date, Cara and Nathan enjoyed a picnic lunch on the beach and talked through their connection and their differences. Nathan confessed: “I think you’re the best looking bird, 100%. You’ve definitely got the best personality. I love it, the more up front the better. We clicked. I honestly feel like I’ve known you from before.”

Cara explained to Nathan why she was so upset by his comments the night before: “All my work is centred around sex. So when people see me, it’s always that sort of environment. A lot of people have used me for that, so when I like someone I hold back. Even kissing - everything for me is a big deal because of what I do for work.”

She continued: “You’re always joking, and I’ve tried to be serious with you. Last night while we were in bed, you’re still performing for the rest of the bedroom. It takes me a while to be that comfortable with anyone, don’t take it personally.”

At the end of the date, Nathan considered: “I’ve had a blinding date. I’ve learnt to take you a bit more serious, stop joking around and being the clown all the time.”

Pleased with their date, Cara felt like they’d make a breakthrough: “We know where we both stand and what we need to do to get to the next step.”

Elsewhere on tonight's Love Island, after a shaky start, Malin Andersson and Rykard Jenkins's relationship has begun to blossom.

Rykard admitted: “It’s really rare for someone to get close to me this quickly, and Malin’s doing it. She’s getting closer and closer, I’m being more open and open and I’m trusting her more and more. All I can see is good things.”

Love Island 2016

They later kissed by the fire pit to cheers from the other campmates.

In the Beach Hut, a smitten Malin said: "I really, really like him. The more I get to know him the more similar we are in a strange way. I see him as mine now and I’d be pretty darn gutted if someone were to take him away from me."

Tune in to Love Island 2016 tonight on ITV2 from 9PM for all the latest, including two newbies!

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