Love Island 2016 cast have their secrets revealed!

Love Island 2016

The cast of Love Island 2016 have their secrets revealed in tonight's show.

Having been in the villa for two days now, the couples take part in a challenge called ‘Kiss & Tell’ in this evening's episode.

It's basically a giant game of beer pong. The guys and girls were split into separate teams and each faced a series of giant cups. Each cup contained and envelope containing a secret about one of the islanders.

If the teams landed a ball in the cup, they were told a secret about one of the islanders and had to kiss the person they thought that it belonged to.

Love Island 2016

During the game it was revealed that Tom had had a fivesome. Left red-faced, Tom admitted: “Everyone was shocked, I could see Sophie’s face was a bit taken aback, she was definitely shocked.”

Zara made her feelings on Tom’s revelation clear: “Absolutely disgusting that he had a fivesome. Who would do that? It’s just rank. Totally put me off the guy.”

Sophie revealed how she felt in the Beach Hut: “Five… how does that happen? Dirty, dirty boy. Honest to God, I wouldn’t have thought any of the guys stood there would have been capable of . Tom seems quite sensitive and soft, he just doesn’t seem the type to have the gusto to have a fivesome.”

Sophie took the news in her stride and talked directly to Tom about his revelation: “I’m actually glad. I’ve done stuff in my past and I thought ‘How am I ever going to have someone who accepts that I’ve done this, I’ve done that’. You’re not the only one babe. In a way, even though I was shocked I was kind of relieved ‘He’s been wild too’. I’ve had some wild times, I’ve been crazy. If anything, it just makes me like you more.”

Reflecting on their chat, Tom said in the Beach Hut: “We haven’t really spoken about what the wild parts are but I think that’s on the cards. As we’re opening up more, the wild past chat is going to happen soon.”

Sophie was confident that there were more secrets to be revealed: “There are gonna be a few things that come out, we’re not done yet.”

More revelations from the Kiss & Tell game included the fact that Olivia had cheated on a previous boyfriend with another girl and that Tom had secretly paid off a large amount of his ex girlfriend’s debt.

Elsewhere on tonight's show, Olivia talks to the girls about her struggle to make a decision between Daniel and Javi.

She said: “With Daniel, he’s everything… he’s so lovely, he brings me drinks, puts a blanket over me. But Javi brings me out and I feel so comfortable and a complete joker around him. They’re like peas and beans. Javi’s more like beans because he’s nice and warm and tomato saucy… and Daniel is just a pea. It’s green. You want to wake up to bacon and beans.”

Javi decided to take his plans to steal Olivia to the next level: “I’m going to go a bit dark now. I’ve got to start turning it into something so much different to how I’ve been playing it. Instead of being nice and relaxed, it turned into the ‘Let’s try and get as much information to sabotage the situation’.”
He then told Olivia: “I already know [Daniel’s] game plan. I know he’s been putting seeds in everyone else’s basket, let’s put it like that. ”

Olivia didn’t believe Javi and said: “This just proves even more that Javi’s a little sh*t stirrer. He’s not doing himself any favours right now.”

Love Island 2016

Tom then entered the bedroom to tell Olivia that he thought that Daniel had been flirting with Sophie. “He had to walk off because he was getting turned on by her Irish accent. Did you not know that?”

Later, Olivia confronted Daniel about the rumours and whilst she was reluctant to tell him where the gossip had come from, said: “I think you can guess who. Can you not kick off? I’m not going to listen to it.”

Tune in to Love Island 2016 tonight on ITV2 from 9PM for all the latest, including two newbies!

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