Love Island 2016 recap! Cast enter the villa and the relationship drama begins...

Love Island 2016

Love Island 2016 kick off tonight on ITV2 and things have already begun to heat up and kick off.

After five girls entered the villa, one by one the five boys arrived to chose a girl to couple up with.

Tom was first to enter the villa and chose to couple with Sophie. When Cara stepped forward for second boy Nathan, he was more than happy to pick her as his partner.

Next to enter the villa was Javi who immediately set his sights on Olivia.

Love Island

Rykard entered the villa next and paired up with Zara, who is stolen from him when Scott entered next and chose her to couple up with.

As the only two single people left, this left Rykard coupled with Malin.

However in a final twist, a sixth boy Daniel entered and stole Olivia from Javi, leaving him the only single Love Islander in the villa – and at risk of packing his bags and going home at the next recoupling.

Zara gets to know Scott... but he's making enemies

Zara and Scott spent some time together to get to know each other. Discussing the Coupling Up, Scott told Zara: “I’m just buzzing that you stepped forward. I was gonna take you anyway regardless, you’re my type.”

Clearly flattered, Zara replied: “None of the guys were my type so I thought ‘Oh, I’m gonna have to go with someone’. But then, you were my type 100%. Thanks for choosing me.”

Zara was equally complimentary in the Beach Hut and said: “He ticks all the boxes, he’s literally a dream. I could not wait to step forward quick enough, which was slightly awkward.”

Love Island

Zara continued: “Scott described me as a bit of a girl next door type – he doesn’t know I’m Miss Great Britain. I know at some point it’s going to come out. I just hope it doesn’t put him off me.”

Meanwhile, Tom and Sophie discussed Scott’s motives, with Tom saying: “I think Zara’s fallen for him. I think she’s fallen for his sh*t. She doesn’t understand that he’s playing a game. It’s a game to him, I don’t trust him at all.”

Malin felt "ugly" after being snubbed by the guys

Malin spoke about how the Coupling Up left her feeling rejected: “Because I’ve been pied off four times today it’s a bit overwhelming, a bit of a reality check. [It’s ] like ‘Malin, you’re actually a bit ugly mate, get out’.”

Malin continued: “I’ve never been pied in my life. I feel really self conscious now, no one wants me.”

Zara consoled Malin: “Trust me on this one, you’re mega, you’re an absolute ten out of ten. Just chill, don’t think too into it. There might be a new hot guy that comes in here…”

Later, in the Beach Hut, a sympathetic Zara said: “It isn’t nice, it wouldn’t be nice for any girl – especially when you stand forward for four guys and none of them pick you. I’ve no idea why, she’s beautiful.”

Javi made a move on Olivia and Daniel’s was NOT happy

Olivia, who was originally paired with Javi until Daniel stole her from him, found it tough to decide which boy she prefers: “[Daniel] is very attractive, but with Javi it’s a personality thing so I think at the moment it’s sort of level.”

Love Island

Javi made his feelings on the situation clear when he vented: “It’s annoying, Malin stepped out for him and he didn’t even go there. Me and Olivia have got a connection. We’ve got the same sense of humour, that’s step one. I think she finds me attractive, that’s step two done. So now it’s just building that up with her. We’ve got some unfinished business. I’ve had her taken away from me. These other guys are worried right now, I don’t care what they’re saying, they’ve got to be looking over their shoulder.”

Javi then plotted to get Olivia alone for a heart to heart. Finally alone together, Javi tried to convince Olivia to spend more time with him: “I enjoy spending time with you so I wanted to chill and chat with you. I don’t care who you’re coupled with. My bed’s open… Why don’t you f**k the rules and just jump in? It doesn’t matter.”

Olivia admitted to Javi: “[Daniel’s] a nice boy, he’s really friendly but we don’t get on like me and you do. You make me laugh. Whenever he comes over I find it really awkward… I’m not gonna get with him, I’m not gonna kiss him.”

Later, Javi reflected: “It was a success - the dragon has been slayed, the princess has been saved.”

Olivia then discussed the situation with Daniel, and revealed that she was finding the situation stressful. She began to cry and said: “It’s just awkward. I don’t know what to do. People are telling me to make a decision and I don’t know what to do.”

Daniel comforted her: “If you decide you want to stay coupled up with me, you need to tell me. If that’s the case and Javi is still trying it on with you, I’m going to tell him very clearly “Javi, back away from Olivia or the s**t’s going to hit the fan”.”

Daniel then walked out to confront Javi: “There’s drama between us. Come. I don’t want to beat around the bush.”

Love Island

The conversation quickly became heated and Daniel continued: “Here’s the thing. The way I see it is flirting is flirting, but with me as long as it’s flirting without a goal it’s fine. Olivia is the one who needs to make a decision. I’m going to tell you straight. If she decides to couple up with me, there should be no more flirting around... If you still try… it’s not going to be good. I’m just telling you, I’m not going to sit around and let you push up on Olivia.”

Javi replied: “I’m not pushing up on anyone, if she enjoys having a laugh with me… I’m not the one who’s getting heated.”

Love Island continues Tuesday night on ITV2.

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