Love Island 2016 spoilers! Series begins and there's already snogging...

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Love Island 2016 starts tonight and two of the cast have already been snogging.

This evening sees the launch of season two as eleven single guys and girls head in to the villa and things heat up right away.

But already viewers are about to be put in charge of a twist, with two new Islanders set to enter.

In tonight's show, we meet the contestants as they enter their new home for the next few weeks.

Partner Pick 2

First into the villa are the girls, starting with Zara Holland, 20 from Hull. “I think it will be mega” she says as she pulled up at the luxury villa in Mallorca.

Next up is Cara De La Hoyde, 25 from Kent. “Oh my God, this place is sick” she says as she arrived outside the villa.

Next up is Olivia Buckland, 22 from Essex. “I’m scared” she confesses as she sets foot in the luxury villa.

“Most girls do care what they look like. I would rather just have fun. I’m coming to Love Island for love. I do like money though," she adds.

Malin Anderson, 23 from Milton Keynes is the next one in. “Oh my God” she exclaims. “I’m from Milton Keynes” she tells the other girls. “Is that in Essex or what?” asked Olivia.

The final girl is Sophie Gradon, 30 from Newcastle. “I’m a typical Geordie girl” she explains. “I’m fun, I’m feisty, I’m flirty. I drink as much as I want. I do what I want. "

Host Caroline Flack then enters the villa to meet the girls for the first time. Asking them if they were nervous, Malin replies: “Just [about] what kind of guys you’re gonna give us.”

It soon becomes apparent that the girls all have a similar type – will there be fireworks when they start coupling up?

All five girls stand in a line ready for each boy as he enters the villa. As each boy makes his entrance, the girls step forward if they fancy them. The boys then make a decision as to whom they want to couple up with.

After the first coupling, Entrepreneur Scott Thomas and Miss Great Britain Zara Holland share a kiss in front of the other Islanders as the sun goes down on their first evening.

“I’m going to throw this out there now and I mean this genuinely but I want to be the first person to kiss on Love Island” he says to the other islanders. “Do you mind if I kiss you?”

“Ok” replies Zara as she caresses his neck and the couple smooches to cheers from the other Islanders.

Zara and Scott - The Kiss 2

Tune in to Love Island at 9pm on Monday 30 May to find out who couples with who. There will be another recoupling in a couple of days time when the girls get to chose whether to stay with their current partners or pick another one. Any boy who’s left single will be packing his bags and leaving the villa for good.

Viewers of tonight’s show will have the power to pick one more boy and one more girl to enter the villa, voting on the Love Island app from a choice of four potential Islanders.

Love Island 2016 airs tonight from 9PM on ITV2.

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