Caroline Flack HATES Love Island's "cringe" sex scenes

Caroline Flack.

Caroline Flack reckons the sex scenes are the worst bit of Love Island.

Last year's series saw couples repeatedly hook up in the villa with us viewers being treated to a ringside seat.

Although if you're like Caroline, you probably hit the mute button.

"I had to have my fingers in my ears for certain parts," she says ahead of the new series. "I could watch it no problem, but I preferred watching it to listening to it.

"I don't like hearing those noises!"

The revamped reality show returns for a brand new series next Monday (May 30) on ITV2 and the 2016 Love Island cast were confirmed this week.

Speaking about the new line up of hotties, Carolne said: "They're all pretty confident. I think you've got to be confident to go out there.

"We've got some really outspoken girls; there's one girl who I think is going to mother everyone.

"We've got an alpha male. We've got the guy who's looking for love; and the guy who just wants to sleep with everybody.

"But you never really know what they're going to be like until they're out there. Different people bring out different traits in each other. So until you throw them all in together, you just can't tell.

"Also, they're all really hot. It's definitely an aesthetically pleasing show."

Love Island 2016 begins at 9PM on ITV2, Monday.

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