Love Island 2016 cast will be a LOT more varied this summer

Love Island Caroline Flack

Love Island 2016 starts next week and Caroline Flack has teased a much more varied cast this year.

Summer marks the beginning of ITV2's second series of the revamped show and tomorrow (Tuesday) we'll meet the new singletons.

Until then, host Caroline has promised us a much better selection than we had last year.

And given how well they went down, it's got us VERY excited for next Monday's Love Island launch.

"I think last year they didn't know what the show was going to be so everything was trial and error, even though it found its feet and got really good," Caroline said this week.

She revealed: "I think this year they know what could happen so they've cast it really well with age and personalities."

Speaking to DigitalSpy, Caroline went on to tease that she already had a few predictions about how things will pan out when the contestants move in to the Love Island villa.

She said: "Guys kind of get that pack thing, don't they? Really quickly. And the alpha male. You can kind of tell who it's going to be on the videos alone."

Chatting more generally about the series, Caroline praised the reality show for being "genuine"

"You can't fake things, you just can't - not when it comes to feelings," she suggested. "And I think the thing people liked about Love Island [last year] was that there were genuine feelings, especially from people like Jess.

"That's why we all loved her - she couldn't hold it in. She had all these emotions in her and she just blurted it all out!"

Love Island 2016 will start on ITV2 next Monday, 9PM on ITV2

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