Love Island 2016 cast: Meet the singletons!

Love Island 2016 contestants revealed

The Love Island 2016 cast have been unveiled: Meet the contestants on series two of Love Island on ITV2 below!

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Zara Holland

Zara on Love Island 2016

Zara, 20, is the current Miss Great Britain. She’s from Hull and has been single for two years.

"I'm loud and funny, and very strong. I'm very competitive as well, so if there are any tasks or challenges, I will want to win," says Zara. "I'd like to find a nice boyfriend. I'll be on the lookout."

She goes on: "I'm a bit sick of going on dates and it not working out. Love Island is a great opportunity for me to get away from the dating scene. I want to try a different approach.

"Guys go really quiet on me and don't text back. One time I went to a party with a guy and he got back with his ex-girlfriend there. I think I attract weirdos."

As for her ideal guy, Zara has quite a few demands. "I do like tall, dark and handsome," she explains. "I like a guy to have nice dress sense. I'd love it if he turned up in a blazer and a baby blue shirt! Not that I'm being picky or anything...

"And he needs to make me laugh. I'd like him to get on well with my family and friends as well, because we do go out in a group quite a lot."

Love Island 2016 airs on ITV, starting Monday, May 30 at 9PM.

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