Love Island 2015: Is it over for winners Jess Hayes and Max Morley already?

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It seems as though it could already be over between Love Island's winning couple Jessica Hayes and Max Morely.

The pair won the ITV2 series on Wednesday night after six weeks inside the Love Island villa, sharing the show's £50,000 prize fund.

However the pair have been quick to play down their romance now they're out despite declaring themselves officially boyfriend and girlfriend - and sleeping together - on the show.

"We have a laugh together but we are not madly in love or anything like that," Jessica said yesterday.

She said of her potential future with Max: "We are not going to move in together or anything like that - it's a bit soon."

With Gloucester based Jess living some 200 miles from Max in Yorkshire, distance could be a problem for any relationship although Page 3 model Jess insisted: "I've been in a long-distance relationship before and I think they can work out better sometimes. Anyway, I travel a lot with my job."

Meanwhile Max has revealed how Jess' love rival Naomi Ball tried it on with his younger brother.

He told The Sun newspaper today: "I have no interest in talking to her [Naomi]. But she actually tried to get in contact with my little brother.

“She put loads of smiley and winkie faces on a Twitter pic of him. If he’s got half a brain cell he won’t go for her.”