Love Island 2015: It kicks off between Jess Hayes and Max Morley after lie detector task

Love Island Jess and Max

Max Morley and Jessica Hayes are on the rocks in tonight's Love Island less than 24 hours after their night together in the hideaway.

In tonight's show it is the morning after Jess and Max’s night together in the White Room, and the couple shared some morning banter.

Later in the beach but Max commented: ‘It was like walking into a hyena’s den.’

And he had this to say about Jess: ‘The more time I’m spending with her, the more I’m starting to really, really like her.’

Later that morning and Hannah received a text: "Islanders, in today’s challenge honesty is the best policy. Boys, you will be taking a lie detector test. Girls, you will be asking the questions."

That news did not go down well amongst the guys in the villa, and Jon commented: ‘I am so nervous, I feel like I’m s**tting a brick…I need to calm the f**k down…this is going to cause some big, big problems.’

Max was adamant: ‘One of my questions will be, ‘Do you fancy Naomi more than Jess?’’

When it was Max’s turn to take to the hot seat, he was first asked: ‘Are you happy in a couple with Jess?’

Max answered ‘Yes’, though the computer said ‘LIE’.

Max shouted: ‘What the f**k.’

Jess wasn’t happy.

Then came ‘Would you prefer Naomi to still be in the villa?’

Much to the shock and surprise of the Islanders watching on the monitor, Max answered: ‘Yes.’

This prompted Jess to ask: ‘Why the f**k would he want her in the villa? We were doing so well, things were on the up and this test has just f**ked everything up.’

Hannah then asked Max: ‘Would you have rather been in the White Room with Naomi over Jess?’

Max affirmed: ‘No.’

However, the computer said: ‘LIE.’

Max was not happy: ‘Bulls**t.’

Going to find Jess, Max said: ‘What am I going to look like on the outside? It looks like I’ve made a mug of you in front of everybody…it just looks bad.’

Max was beginning to get really wound up: ‘It’s made me look like a t(*t and I’m not a t**t… it’s made me look like someone I’m not.

As Jess deduced: ‘It has left us in a bit of a s**t position,’

Max stands up and hurls a deckchair at the ground, before barging into the beach hut: ‘What has just happened, seriously…I’m not lying about anything, I’m going to look like a t**t, I look like I don’t want to be with Jess.’

Max then announced: ‘I’m losing my s**t, I’ve got to get out of here.’

Love Island airs tonight on 10PM, live on ITV2 with another eviction as one couple gets the boot.