Love Island 2015: FIVE new girls enter the villa... including Jordan's ex!

love island 2015 spoilers 09

Five girls enter the villa on tonight's Love Island, one of which is Jordan's ex.

In tonight's show, Josh got a text, and after a quick read of it, he shouted excitedly: ‘Bish, bash, f**king bosh.’

The text said: "Josh & Max, as you are the only single boys on the island, tonight you will be cooking dinner for yourselves and five very special guests. #newgirls #dinnerparty #makeanimpression"

As evening approached, it was time for the five girls to enter the Love Island villa…

Elsewhere in this evening's show and there are rows after a party.

During the day, Luis received a text: "Luis and Cally, it’s time to get the party started! Tonight you will host an exclusive white party for the villa. You must organise the games and provide all entertainment #PartyTime #VillaNights"

As the party got underway, Luis and Cally announced that they want the Islanders to play the Karma Sutra game, with the couples acting out various sex positions.

Zoe didn’t want to take part: ‘I said this is the one game I wouldn’t play, sex position game…my dad has got to see this, he’s seen worse I know, but I don’t want to do it.’

Luis commented: ‘Oh my days, he’s seen you have sex on TV…why do you care about the outside world?’

Zoe bit back: ‘Because I have a career.’

This didn’t go down well with the other Islanders, with Hannah quipping: ‘We all have one, what are you one about!’

Despite reluctantly giving the game a go, Zoe had soon had enough and took herself off inside.

In the beach hut, she confided: ‘They’re going to think I’m being a prude, they don’t understand, they say, ‘Oh you’ve had sex in the house,’ I regret that now…all this sexual banter makes me feel so uncomfortable…I’m so ashamed of my behaviour in this villa, I would never behave this way in the outside world…for me it’s something that’s really uncomfortable and he (Jordan) didn’t even stick up for me or say anything, I was like, ‘Okay, thanks babe.’’

Feeling that Jordan didn’t have her back when she said she didn’t want to play the game, she told him: ‘You just literally stood there…I have ruined my reputation in here, I was a party girl but I have really tried for the last year-and-a-half to become something that I can be proud of…I came here to find someone I could fall in love with.’

Trying to make sense of the situation, Jordan told Zoe: ‘Your behaviour involves me.’

Zoe then told him: ‘I’m not ashamed of you, I’ve had an amazing time with you, but it’s more the fact that I’ve had sex on TV which is why I’m ashamed…but I liked you so much, I was like, ‘F*ck it.’’

Jordan wondered what it meant for their relationship moving forwards: ‘I don’t want to put you in any more situations that you’re gonna be ashamed of…and that might even involve kissing you or sharing a bed with you.’

Zoe was frustrated that Jordan didn’t really understand what she was telling him: ‘I’m not ashamed of me and you, I’m falling in love with you, I think you’re amazing, and I did what I did because I really like you.’

Later in the beach hut, Jordan said: ‘She’s the culprit of her behaviour, she’s only got herself to blame…I don’t regret anything I’ve done in here…my communication skills are awful in relationships, I’ve never been really good at communicating with my girlfriend.’

Love Island airs tonight from 9PM on ITV2.