Love Island 2015: Jessica Hayes and Naomi Ball try (and fail) to clear the air


Jessica Hayes and Naomi Ball have attempted to clear the air on Love Island.

Yesterday Naomi received the following text: 'Naomi and Jess, you will be going shopping for this evening’s dinner. Please get ready to leave. #girlydayout #lastsupper'

An amused Josh joked: ‘This is going to be a fun day for you two.’

Before they left the villa Jess declared: ‘I’m gonna tell her how it is.’

The love rivals headed into town to buy supplies and shopped for some refreshments, where they attempted to clear the air.

Jess told Naomi: ‘Maybe this is a chance to both air how we feel, I wanna be totally honest with you really…obviously you got into bed with Josh, last night you got into bed with Max, and I do feel like you’ve been playing them off against each other a little bit.’

Naomi replied: ‘I was just laying there last night thinking if I was you there’s no way I would’ve got back into bed with Josh.’

Jess carried on: ‘I just think you’re playing a game, that’s all…you have admitted you’re a player…’

Naomi stood her ground: ‘But I’m no more of a player than you.’

Jess didn’t agree: ‘But I haven’t played anyone here, I’ve been played in here!’

Naomi told her: ‘That’s the situation (in the villa), but on the outside we are very, very similar.’

Jess bit back: ‘But this ain’t about the outside babe, it’s about in here…you don’t know what you want, you don’t know where you are, you were kind of playing them off against each other…’

Naomi tried to clarify: ‘I’m not playing them off, but I genuinely didn’t know…why’s it a crime to be confused?’

Jess cut to the chase: ‘Do you still like Josh a little bit?’

Naomi told her: ‘Of course.’

Jess wondered: ‘You can’t have liked him that much to kind of go with Max, do you know what I mean?’

Naomi answered: ‘You think what you want to think.’

Jess continued: ‘I just get this bad vibe…it just seems a little bit snakey, a bit snidey…I think it was the other night, you went to Josh and sort of said, ‘I don’t know what to do,’ then you went to Max and told him you want to sleep in his bed, then we heard you got back into bed with Josh and was necking him…’

Naomi asserted: ‘What you’ve just said is complete bulls**t, that didn’t happen…I feel like you’re all reading into stuff so much, what have I actually done? I haven’t been malicious, I don’t speak about people behind their backs…’

Jess said: ‘Part of me thinks, ‘You know what, f**k you Naomi, yeah I am going to get into bed with Josh,’ I don’t even give a s**t anymore, I’m not gonna lie, me and Josh last night, maybe we did want to do it to p*** you off a little bit, cos I thought, ‘You’ve done it to me, I’m gonna f**king do it to you and see how you like it.’’

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