Love Island: The villa's love triangle becomes a SQUARE as relationships get complicated

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Love Island continues tonight and the relationships in the villa are getting complicated.

In tonight’s explosive episode of Love Island there are some major developments in the Josh-Naomi-Max love triangle, as Jess gets involved to make it some sort of love square.

Having spent the previous night in the same bed as Josh, Naomi reflects: ‘It was a bad decision last night staying with Josh…I don’t know, it’s hard because I really like him still, but I know that it’s not going to go anywhere, but I can’t help but really like him…but when I’m laying next to him and looking at him I still wanna kiss him.’

Max is losing patience and he needs Naomi to make up her mind once and for all: ‘She either makes her mind up soon or I’m going to take myself out of the situation.’

Later, taking Josh to one side, Naomi tells him: ‘I think for me I am going to pick Max.’

Josh responds: ‘Sound, no worries.’

However, Naomi just can’t seem to fully let go, as she says to Josh: ‘I don’t want to be confusing but I just find it really hard to be around you and not want kiss you and stuff.’

Josh adds: ‘We’ll just have to try and let go.’

Later in the beach hut, Naomi reflects: ‘Maybe I did underestimate how much I did…do…like Josh.’

Naomi then went to tell Max of her decision: ‘Sharing a bed (last night with Josh) was just the most horrendous decision…we didn’t kiss, we didn’t cuddle, literally nothing.’

Max takes himself off to the beach hut to take stock: ‘Obviously I’ve come out on top as I always do and I’m buzzing.’

In the evening and with all the Islanders in the Love Island villa, Jon is quick to tell Josh that Naomi and Max are now officially a couple.

Josh doesn’t seem too bothered: ‘Sound…I couldn’t really give a f**k anymore.’

Josh has these words of warning for Max: ‘Just watch yourself.’

Word seems to have got round the villa that Jess and Josh may be looking to rekindle their relationship.

Hannah tells Jess that Naomi has just been giving her the evils: ‘If looks could kill, you’d be dead…the look she has just given you!’

Jess stands firm: ‘Well it’s f**king pay back time…she’s snogged both my men and I’m going to jump into bed with Josh…revenge!’

Hannah adds: ‘She’s a nasty b***h.’

As night falls, Naomi is in bed with Max, and Jess is in bed with Josh, with the latter couple giggling and messing about.

Naomi isn’t happy, whispering to Max: ‘I’m not down with this, it’s like some weird incestuous wife swap, so f**ked up…I just think she’s so s****y, it’s embarrassing…I’ve literally been in a bed with him for two weeks and now she’s looking at his crotch, no shame.’

As Jess and Josh continue to fool around, Naomi has had enough and takes herself downstairs to the beach hut: ‘This is just the most bizarre situation I think I’ve ever been in in my life…there’s just no respect from either Josh or Jess…to be as blatant as they are being I find it bizarre…where is the self-respect from Jess? This boy literally pied her and spoke about her in such a demeaning way…and she’s obviously doing whatever she’s doing under the cover to him and they’re like shouting about it and I’m like five feet away.’

Love Island jess and Josh

She continues: ‘I think tonight maybe it’s just hit the nail on the head for me that I was right and that if he truly did like me he wouldn’t be acting the way he did, so yeah, I’m a bit hurt, it’s not a nice feeling to think you’re kind of that disposable, like I’m out of the bed and then a new girl is in and he’s doing god knows what…it’s not a nice feeling.’

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