Love Island spoilers: Josh Ritchie and Naomi Ball break up

Jess Naomi

Josh Ritchie and Naomi Ball call and end to their relationship in tonight's Love Island.

The pair decide they need to chat about their relationship and take some time away from the rest of the group.

Josh tells Naomi: ‘I feel like I can’t be proper bantery around you in case I say something that’s wrong…you flirt with Luis a lot, I’ve just started noticing it proper bad, I think you have more banter with Luis, Jordan and Max than you do with me.’

Naomi replies: ‘That’s not flirting, that’s just me, like…I don’t see Luis like that otherwise I would have picked Luis, plus Cally’s here.’

Josh stands firm: ‘That’s how I see it…in our relationship I just think we are staying at one level, where everyone’s stepping up a level …if we just stay at this one level we’re both just going to drift apart and we’re just going to friend-zone each other. I don’t know what can change it, it’s hard…cos obviously I don’t want it to be awkward…’

Naomi adds: ‘Obviously it won’t be awkward, there’s no bad feeling, I still really like you, I think you’re really lovely.’

She then surmises: ‘Barbie and Ken have split up.’

Josh is at a loss for words: ‘I don’t know what to say to that…’

Later, in the beach hut, Naomi says: ‘I feel massive, massive relief…me and Josh will be such good mates and I still think he’s gorgeous…I feel positive, I feel really happy. In terms of what I look for in someone I could be in a relationship with, I have to have the same sense of humour with them and I have to be able to have a proper conversation with them, but I don’t feel like I could ever have that with Josh.’

Josh sums up his thoughts: ‘I feel like in a relationship you’ve got to have sex and stuff, it’s not gonna go nowhere unless we have sex.’

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