Love Island 2015: Omar Sultani, Bethany Rogers on their time in the villa

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In last night’s (Thursday) live episode of Love Island, viewers voted to dump Bethany and Omar from the villa.

Describing how she found her time in the Love Island villa, Beth said: ‘It was amazing, absolutely electric, unreal…I wouldn’t change this experience for anything, it’s probably the best experience of my life.’

Omar very much wishes he was still in there: ‘I was in from the beginning and me not wanting to go home explains how much I loved it in there, it was amazing and more than I expected. I love everyone in there and I’ve formed bonds with every single person in there.’

He adds: ‘I didn’t think I was going to go in there and make mates, but it feels like I’ve known them all my life, I had the best time ever, best time of my life.’

As to whether she thinks she was true to herself in the villa, Bethany comments: ‘I was definitely myself in there, I couldn’t have been any more true to myself. I went in there all guns blazing and said it how it was, and then I just relaxed and got on with it. You can’t go in there and be a two-faced person, people won’t click with you.’

Omar notes: ‘I was 100% myself. For the first couple of days I was quite quiet, and I’m usually the loudest person in a group, and Jon and Josh are quite loud, so it’s adapting and getting used to your surroundings and who you’re with. You work out when you can have your turn and be a part of it, and then after that I came out my shell. Obviously you’ve seen by some of the stuff I’ve said, and me being an idiot and bantering, that that’s completely me.’

Who would Beth say she was closest to in the villa?

‘Out of the girls I was definitely closest to Lauren,’ says Beth, ‘She’s so honest, she’s very like me. There was great banter between us, though I never thought I’d click with her, she’s not the sort of girl I’d see myself socialising with in the outside world.’

Omar adds: ‘I was close to all the boys, we’re like family, they are like brothers. They are always going to be a part of my life, forever.’

And what does the future hold for the pair?

Bethany says: ‘I want to put myself out there a bit more, with my dancing and my fire breathing, and hopefully set up my own business doing something like that. I’m going to seize opportunities with both hands and have some fun. Right now I’m heading straight off to Ibiza. I promised my best friend I’d try and go out there and see her for her birthday and now I can!’

Omar muses: ‘I’d love to go into presenting or some kind of TV though I’m not sure if I’ve made a lasting impression! I’d like to do entertainment-type shows, where you get to have a laugh and have a bit of banter.’

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