Love Island results: Bethany Rogers and Omar Sultani get the axe

Love Island 2015 results - who left?

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Bethany Rogers and Omar Sultani have become the latest to be evicted from the Love Island 2015 villa in tonight's show.

It was the public this time who decided who went after yesterday evening saw the Islanders themselves dump Chris Williamson and Daisy Muller.

The boys had to each vote for a girl to leave while the girls did the same with the guys.

In tonight's show and all of the remaining Islanders were in the danger zone as the public got the chance to pick one girl and guy to leave.

Host Caroline Flack gathered the Islanders to reveal the results live, first announcing that Beth had been ditched.

Caroline then revealed that Omar had been chosen as the guy who got the axe, to shocks and gasps from the group.

However Omar and Beth won't be missed too much as they were quickly replaced by two newbies.

In the villa yesterday the boys and girls both got the chance to speed date potential new Islanders before the boys picked a girl to join them while the ladies had their choice of new guys.

The girls picked Travis Almond, a 22-year-old Butler in the Buff... and bouncer from Harlow.

The boys chose Cally Jane Beech, a 23-year-old dental nurse from Hull.

Love Island will be back with a new episode on Sunday night on ITV2, but if you've missed anything this week there's a catch up episode on Saturday night recapping the week's action.

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