Love Island 2015: Chris Williamson and Daisy Muller leave the villa

Love Island 2015 results - who left?


Chris Williamson and Daisy Muller have both been booted out of the Love Island villa in tonight's show.

In this evening's show, after a fun evening together despite recent rows, the mood shifted for the Islanders as a new text came in.

First, the girls were told that they each had select a boy they want to dump from the island. In front of the boys, they stood up one by one and made their decision, giving their reasons.

Jess picked Chris

Zoe picked Chris

Daisy picked Jordan

Lauren picked Chris

Hannah picked Chris

Bethany picked Chris

Naomi picked Chris

Therefore, Chris was to leave the Love Island Villa.

However, that wasn't all.

Another text came in, telling the boys - including Chris - that they had to select a girl to have the same fate.

Jordan picked Daisy

Omar picked Daisy

Chris picked Zoe

Luis picked Daisy

Max picked Daisy

Jordan picked Daisy

Josh picked Daisy

Therefore Daisy Muller joined Chris in leaving the Love Island villa.

There were handshakes between the boys followed by a group hug as Chris said goodbyes while Naomi was in tears having lost "her girlie" in Daisy.

Although later there were tears from the guys too as Max broke down in the beach hut.

It means there's now eleven left in the Love Island villa, with the show continuing on ITV2 Thursday night at 9PM.

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