Love Island 2015: Does Naomi Ball already have a BOYFRIEND?!

Lauren asks Naomi

Lauren Richardson confronts Naomi Ball on tonight's Love Island.

Lauren has information that leads her to approach Naomi about her blossoming relationship with Josh.

In the Beach Hut, Lauren says: ‘Zoe and I heard that just before Naomi came into the villa, she was seeing someone up to the point when she got into the cab to come in the villa. I love Josh to pieces, and me and Zoe both know this bit of information. So if we sit on it then we look like dicks.’

Later, by the pool, Lauren challenges Naomi, saying: ‘I like Josh and obviously I’m starting to like you… well, getting to know you more. I felt quite sorry for you the other day when I saw you so upset. I’ll happily say to you that I can’t work you out. It annoys me when I can’t work people out.’

‘We were going to tell him that you were with a guy before you come in here, that obviously you’d met his parents and you seemed quite close to him. Then you up and left him not knowing that you was coming on the show.’

Lauren continues: ‘I think Zoe feels quite strong about things like that so we were going to talk to Josh about it.’

A surprised Naomi defends herself, saying: ‘There was nothing in it. He didn’t factor into my decision one iota. And I mean that. I haven’t thought about him since I’ve been in here. I’ll go and speak to Josh because this will come out.’

In the beach hut, an annoyed Naomi says: ‘Yes I am single, I don’t have a boyfriend. But there was someone on the outside I spent time with. I came on the show as a single girl so I think that explains my feelings towards that person at home. I think Zoe and Lauren have brought a situation into the villa that is completely irrelevant.’

Later, Naomi has a heart to heart with Josh: ‘The other day when we were kind of saying about our lives back home and I said before I came out I was seeing somebody. And I had been for a couple of months but I said to him I didn’t want to be his girlfriend and it was just sleeping together….’

She continues: ‘Well now Zoe and Lauren are like, ‘We’re going to take Josh to one side and tell him that,’ because they think I’m being sneaky. So I just wanted to tell you before they did.’

‘I don’t get the girls in here,’ she adds, ‘I only found out they were going to talk to you because I’ve just sat down and spoken to them. They should have the decency to say, ‘Naomi, come and say this to Josh or we’re going to’.’

Meanwhile, Lauren and Beth discuss Josh and Naomi’s relationship by the pool.

Lauren says: ‘I just can’t see it lasting on the outside world. I think she’ll just stay with him to win the programme.’

After Naomi tells some of the islanders that she’s annoyed with Zoe and Lauren causing trouble between her and Josh, everyone gets together to air some grievances.

Jon tells everyone: ‘If anyone’s got anything to say about anyone, anything that’s p*ssed you off, now is the time to get it out on the table and we’ll come to a conclusion together.’

Elsewhere in tonight's show things heat up between Max and Jess but it's over for Omar and Bethany.

Max and Jess

She says in the beach hut: "I know it’s not all about looks and it is about personality. But Omar… I couldn’t. I’ll sleep in the same bed as him but if he touches me I’ll smack him."

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.