Love Island 2015: Hannah Elizabeth wants to quit after row with Jonathan Clark

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Things are really kicking off in tonight’s episode of Love Island as the villa’s most solid couple seem to be about to hit the rocks.

Are Jon and Hannah about to become to singles again?

It all starts with Jon and Naomi lying on some bean bags by the pool, as Jon explains: ‘She was laying on one of the bean bags and I (mimics tipping his head back to put on bean bag) and she started running her fingers through my hair, I thought it’s strange, then Hannah walks out, she (Naomi) stops and it looks dodgy as f**k.’

Jon admits: ‘I shouldn’t have let Naomi play with my hair, that was strange that she did it of course Hannah’s gonna be fuming about that, it’s not right, if she was sitting on someone’s lap I’d be fuming about it.’

In the beach hut, Hannah explains: ‘The minute they seen me, it was like they stopped.’

Jon goes to find Hannah, who has walked off after what she witnessed and she tells him in no uncertain terms: ‘You wanna sit round flirting with other people in front of my f**king face? Imagine I did that with, like, Omar.’

Hannah feels that Jon is being a bit flippant about the whole situation, saying: ‘Every time I sit by you, you walk away today…I’d rather you if you weren’t feeling it you just said.’

A clearly perplexed Jon responds: ‘Are you mad?’

Hannah continues: ‘If you think it’s going too fast, you’re the one who asked me to be your bird…stop making a tit out of me…telling me one thing one day which is quite heavy…if you wanna do that maybe you shouldn’t have asked me to be your girlfriend…I just think if it was the other way round, you’d probably have a problem with it…just shows that I wouldn’t have the disrespect to do that.’

Jon affirms: ‘I’ve tried telling you so many times that I’m falling in love with you in this villa and you won’t believe me.’

Later that night, Jon is still trying to clear the air with Hannah and have her see that there is nobody else in the villa for him, as he says: ‘I don’t know why she doesn’t realise that there is no other girl in the universe that will come close to her… I am happy with her and she means everything to me.’

Jon goes over to Hannah and asks: ‘What can I do right now?’

Hannah: ‘Stop making a show of me…I was going to tell you something and you’ve gone, ‘Oh, what the f*ck’ dead loud, it weren’t about you mate.’

Jon walks away, at a loss as to what to do, and Hannah says: ‘I just want to go home…every time I try to talk to him he says dead loud, ‘Oh for f**k’s sake’, and I look over and everyone’s looking at me like, ‘Oh, she’s a crank again’…I wasn’t even flipping on him, I was trying to tell him something.’

An emotional Hannah goes inside the villa insisting she wants to leave, when Jon comes over to talk, but she says: ‘No I don’t wanna talk, Jess maybe you should talk to him, I don’t wanna talk, I wanna go home, get me out of here now!’

Jon and Hannah argue.

Jon tries again to talk to her, but Hannah says: ‘I’m not in the mood to talk anymore, I did try (to talk to you) before and you made a wholly show of me again…I did not come on telly to get mugged off…just get me out of here now.’

She says to Jon: ‘I can’t even talk to you any more by the looks of things, I went to tell you but no, you told me to f*ck of, so I’m f**king off…I mean it, I mean it. Do what you f**king want.’

Jon says: ‘I ain’t done anything to mug you off.’

Feeling she’s been made a show of, Hannah tells Jon ‘Well you did today, and then other comments are coming in, no, it’s doing my head in.’

As Hannah insists she’s leaving and walks away, Jon has had enough and lashes out at the door.

Is this the end for Jon and Hannah? Is Hannah about to leave the Love Island villa?

Love Island airs at 9PM tonight on ITV2.