Love Island 2015: It all kicks off between Zoe Brown and Bethany Rogers

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It has kicked off between Zoe Brown and Bethany Rogers in the Love Island villa.

It begins as the new girl discusses who she has her eye on, saying of Chris: "I just don’t know if he’s too serious for me, I need someone who’s got a bit of banter…I don’t want someone who plays it safe, I want someone who’s got something about them."

Talking about whether she thinks anything would happen between herself and Luis, Bethany wonders if it’s more likely Luis will get together with Jess, saying to Josh: "Chris said it was inevitable that them two would be getting together…"

But Luis tells Bethany: "I’ve not been getting on with Jess whatsoever…I’ve pied her off about five times."

Later and following on from Bethany’s argument with Jess after here arrival in the Love Island villa on Thursday night, another heated exchange followed.

Zoe tells Bethany: ‘I think you think you’re f*cking god…you’re one person’s opinion.’

‘Don’t you start,’ replies Bethany.

Zoe tells her: ‘Jess is ready to leave now because of you.’

A nonplussed Bethany says: ‘Cool.’

Zoe continues: ‘You come in here all gun’s blazing, it’s so unclassy of you.’

A now angry Bethany shouts: ‘You want to talk about class? Go and ask her (Jess) about class…get out my face talking sh*t, I don’t have no time for people like you, you’re fake as f*ck.’

Zoe walks off declaring: ‘You’ll last five minutes in this house babe.’

Love Island airs Sunday night at 9PM on ITV2, with a catch up show tonight covering the past week in the villa.

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