Love Island spoilers: Is it all over for Jordan Ring and Daisy Muller?

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Daisy Muller has been in tears on Love Island over Jordan Ring.

Amongst the recent goings on in the Love Island villa, a nervous Jordan has had a personal chat with Daisy.

He tells her that he has: ‘A small concern that we’re not gelling as much as I thought we would of, as I’d hoped…obviously at first we had a physical attraction, there was chemistry on the first date without a doubt…but getting to know each other better I was worried that we might be clashing a little bit.’
An anxious Daisy tells him: ‘I just feel like you’re giving me nothing, so since (the kiss) I felt you were been standing back a bit, so I thought I’d stand back a bit too.’
Jordan then adds: ‘I’m not feeling it as much as I initially did.’
Later, in the beach hut, a tearful Daisy says: ‘I don’t know what’s made it cold, I’ve tried with him…I could feel myself starting to cry and I was thinking to myself, ‘stop, stop, stop’.’  
That evening, Daisy tells Lauren and Naomi: ‘I’m just worried if things don’t work out between me and Jordan, what the f**k do I do? And if you’ve (Lauren) got Luis as a safe-haven, I’ve got nothing…I want to stay with him and try and make it work…I’ve tried.’
Daisy concludes: ‘I am keen on Jordan still, I just feel there’s something happening and not like a good thing.’
Is Jordan about to become a free agent? What would this mean for Zoe?
In the beach hut Zoe says: ‘If Hulk was to state that he was interested in me again, romantically, I would make him graft, I would not make it easy at all…I would probably always feel a bit second best to Daisy.’
However, it seems someone else has his eye on Zoe…new boy Max.
He tells Zoe: ‘I have to say, I did have my eye on you coming in here.’
Later, Zoe is chatting to some of the guys about Max and tells them: ‘He’s really lovely, really, really nice…I think he’s fit, but it’s more his personality, he’s got a banging personality.’
Is there a new island romance blossoming?
Love Island airs Sunday night at 9PM on ITV2, with a catch up show tonight covering the past week in the villa.