Love Island 2015: New girl Bethany Rogers rows with Jessica Hayes on first night

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New girl Bethany Rogers has made her presence felt in the Love Island villa.

Within minutes of arriving into the villa, the new islander Bethany wasted no time in making her presence very much known as she took aim at Jessica Hayes.

Talking to Jon and Luis and some of the other guys, Bethany said: "The only reason why she’s in here is for the money, why is she with Omar? On the TV it’s showed her flirting with every guy in here."

Being such a dutiful friend, Jon felt it was his duty to go over and tell Jess to be on her guard: "Beth’s got a few things to say about you."

Jess was quick to react, taking to her feet and announcing: "Watch me kick off…I will go there."

With news getting back to Bethany that there has been some stirring going on, she is eager to find out what Jon’s been up to: "What have you said to Jess?"

Jon, put on the spot, replied: "I just said you had a few things to say about her."

Bethany told him firmly: "I do have a few things to say to her and obviously I’ll say that to her but in my own time."

 Jess and Bethany argue.

Luis tried to placate Jess by saying: "Jon is drunk, he’s trying to say s**t, whatever he says don’t listen to him."

Later and in the bedroom the two girls finally came face-to-face, with Bethany saying: "Jess, do you want to have a word cos obviously you’ve got a problem that you want to say something?"

Jess replied: "What are you on about, I’ve not even spoken to you."

Bethany didn’t hold back: "I’ll tell you exactly how it is…you are in here for all the wrong reasons, you’ve gone round every guy in here and you’ve gone for Omar just for the fact that you want to stay in, that to me is fake."

"I’m not fake at all darling", Jess retorted.

Bethany continued: "If you think you’re not fake then that’s up to you but to everyone else you’ve made an absolute fool out of yourself and I’ll come here and tell you straight."

An increasingly het up Jess said: "I’ve not even spoken to you and you’re coming in my face having a go at me."

Bethany went on: "Because of the way that you’ve been, to the public eye, you’ve embarrassed yourself and you’ve made a fool of all of these guys and that to me is disrespectful, you should have more respect for them than to be doing s**t like that, simple as that."

With tensions at an all time high, Bethany went outside, accompanied by Naomi.

Bethany stood by her words, adding: "I’m just saying what I’ve seen…she obviously doesn’t want to hear it, that’s why she’s kicking off but everyone in the house has said the same thing, that they don’t like her and she’s causing problems, so they want me to say it, so really and truly, what does that say about her?"

 Jess and Bethany argue.

Naomi suggested that Jess perhaps felt threatened by the arrival of a new girl, and Bethany concluded with these final words: "Because she likes Luis. I haven’t even made a move on him…yet!"

Meanwhile, out in the garden, Chris had some advice for the other new Islander, Max after mentioning he liked Naomi.

"She is mate", said Chris, who then offered up his opinion on why Chris B was just dumped from the island: "The reason that Chris B got kicked out is because he said that he liked Naomi…all he did was say, didn’t crack on with her, didn’t do nothing, and he’s literally been kicked out…that’s the danger zone."

He continued: "Naomi is a fit bird, the total package, but she’s Josh’s and you will find out how tight the group of lads are that are in here…my advice would be to just take it slow, don’t steam in, don’t give it ‘the big I am’."

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