Love Island cast gets another two newbies: Meet Bethany Rogers and Max Morley

Meet the new additions to the Love Island 2015 cast

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Love Island has introduced another two newbies to the villa in tonight's show.

This evening saw one couple get the axe after the public had their say for the first time this series via the show's free app.

But they were quickly replaced by new additions to the cast, Bethany Rogers and Max Morley.

22-year-old Max from Huddersfield is a professional cricketer, former player for Durham County Cricket Club

He is recently single an says he loves to wine and dine a girl and describes his type as 'blonde, blonde, blonde.'

Bethany is a 19-year-old from Leeds.

She is a trained dancer and also a fire breather. She has been single for six months and says she doesn't care whose toes she treads on to win the prize money

She has met Luis before and they briefly saw one another, but it was nothing serious

From what she has seen on screen, she doesn't like Jess and is happy to tell her that.

We reckon they're sure to stir things up!

Love Island continues Sunday night on ITV2 with a recap show on Saturday night if you missed any of this week's action.

Bethany Rogers.