Love Island love triangle! Omar, Jess and Luis get caught up together

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A love triangle has quickly developed inside of the Love Island villa.

With Omar planning his next move on Jess, Jess is meanwhile plotting her snaring of Luis.

In tonight's show, Jon tells Omar to ask Jess how good a kisser she is, and Jon then advises: ‘If she says anything below a five then don’t kiss her because she don’t want to kiss you.’

Luis adds: ‘She (Jess) is one of the flirtiest characters in here, she’s going to love the attention that you’re going to give her…you just crack on with her.’

Jess meanwhile is confiding in Hannah that she just wants to ‘try and crack on with Luis.’

Jess replies: ‘Do you think he’ll let me in his bed? He’s got no choice babe, once I’m in, I’m in.’

In the beach hut, Jess admits: ‘I wouldn’t want to go behind Omar’s back and just neck Luis in front of him, that’s just mean, but we’re here to have a ball, it might be my last night.’

Jess might find she has her work cut out, as Luis says to Lauren: ‘I’d rather find a best friend like you than someone who’s just going to be a fling for a couple of days.’

In the beach hut he then says: ‘I bet you a million pounds on that I won’t end up with Jess, I can have a little flirt with her and stuff…I just can’t see it happening.’

Elsewhere on this evening's episode, Jordan and Daisy kiss

Speaking to Naomi about Jordan, Daisy says: Jordan, he’s such a lovely guy, I love being with him and I know he was definitely the right decision, we get on so well, but then I feel like he’s been a bit more flirty with me, I feel bad on him because I think he wants us to be more lovey dovey.’

Naomi asks if they’ve kissed yet and Daisy says they haven’t, but that it’s going to happen and that tonight, revealing she’s going to ‘get him alone and give him a little kiss.’

She carries on: ‘I can sense that something’s definitely happening now….I’m so happy an excited…I’m definitely feeling the romance.’

Things hot up later in the day when Daisy and Jordan are sat by the pool.

Daisy says to Jordan: ‘I just felt like I wanted to cuddle up to you a bit more but I looked over and you were sleeping, it would’ve been nice to get closer to you last night, but that opportunity never came.’

To which Jordan replies: ‘Well I’m not asleep now.’

Daisy and Jordan kiss.

Jordan then leans in for a kiss.

A few of the islanders are watching from the bathroom window, and Zoe says: ‘Is that a peck or a kiss?’

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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