Love Island 2015: Is Naomi Ball playing Josh Ricthie?

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Naomi Ball is accused of playing Josh Ricthie and leading him on in tonight's Love Island.

This evening seesNaomi become the talk of the villa, as suspicions raised about how she really felt for Josh, with other boys suggesting she was behaving flirtatiously towards them.

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Naomi relayed her concerns about the age difference between her and Josh, saying “Josh does definitely have an excitable side, whereas I’m like ‘whatever happens, happens. He’s a little bit younger than me, and I tend to go for older people. He’s probably about six or seven years younger than people I tend to go for.”

During a chat with Lauren, Naomi confessed “I’m really happy to be paired up with Josh but then I kind of wished I hadn’t kissed him so soon.”

Naomi went on to flirt with newcomer Chris B and while the pair got to know each other better, Josh opened his heart to Jordan and admitted that he was happy sticking with Naomi, saying “to be honest with you, I have chemistry with her. With Jess it was different. It was more like, always like kissing and speaking about sex. Naomi, she’s like a girl who I can hold a conversation up with, who’s very good looking. That’s gold dust to find. I’ve done really well.”

But Naomi’s wondering eye had caught the attention of several of the islanders, with both Omar and Jess noting that they felt she was playing Josh. Omar admitted “Naomi is flirting a lot with the other boys in the house when Josh isn’t there and doing inappropriate things that we wouldn’t want our girls to be doing.”

Still bitter after Naomi had swiped Josh from her, Jess also stated while speaking to the girls “I’ve noticed it. I’m not being funny, that needs to be told. It needs to get out, because it’s not fair. I think he should know. That is not fair, that’s not fair.”

Ready to stir the pot, Jess spotted her moment and grabbed Jonathan and Luis that evening by the pool, telling them “if it kicks off now, she’s going to know it’s come from me but I think I’ve got every right to say this. Basically I was sat down with Naomi and Daisy, and I said to Naomi ‘how’s it going with Josh?’ I said ‘it seems a bit one sided.’ She said ‘I’m scared that he’d mug me off.’ Daisy said ‘what if another guy came into the house, would you potentially go for him instead of Josh?’ and she said ‘yeah.”

Jonathan didn’t hesitate in telling Josh what he knew, reacting “I’m going to go straight over there and I’m going to tell Josh. I don’t care.” He approached Josh and said “we’re coming to you with this as friends. She’s been too flirty with Lu. She’s done some things that we feel she’s mugging you off.”

With that, Jonathan then approached Naomi to ask her outright. “Naomi, us boys have been a bit worried at some points about how you are with Josh. As his friend, we feel like he’s more into you than you are into him.”

As he went on to reveal that Jess had relayed the conversation they had back to him, Naomi told the Beach Hut she regretted confiding in her, saying “tonight I just learnt my lesson that you don’t talk about things with people.”

Naomi was quick to defend herself against any suggestions she was using Josh, and when Josh walked over to hear her side of the story, she told him “when I first came in, I said I go for the arrogant, alpha males of the group. I’m never used to people being as nice to me as quickly as you have been. I don’t know how to explain it. You’re one of the best looking people I’ve ever been speaking to. Not to boost your ego!

"But when you straightaway say that you think I’m really pretty, part of me is like ‘does he mean it?’ Just because I’m just not used to it. I’m so worried that if another girl came in that you would do the same to me. I don’t want to get hurt. I’m happy, it’s easy going. If a girl comes in that you prefer, but all means I’ll be happy for you to go off with her.”

As Jonathan left the pair of them to talk further, Naomi confessed “I would be a bit more full on but at the back of my mind I’m thinking, ‘Naomi in two days another girl could come in and Josh could do the same.’ So whatever from that conversation you hear, that was me just covering my back in case you pied me. But in the back of mind I don’t think anyone could come in that I like more.”

Naomi flirts with Chris B.

With the pair kissing by the pool, Jess predicted that “It’s going to kick off between me and her again” and told the Beach Hut “it’s fine. They obviously really like each other. They’re quite cute. They’re all over each other, which is quite sickening sometimes. It’s a bit much to watch”

Love Island 2015 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.