Love Island 2015: Jonathan Clark and Hannah Elizabeth reveal ALL about their night together

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Hannah and Jonathan

Jonathan and Hannah have revealed what REALLY happened between them on last night's Love Island.

After those noisy scenes, Hannah and Jonathan woke up in the hideaway, and Jonathan declared that he had had the “best night of my life.”

He went onto say “Just thinking about last night. We christened this house now.”

Clearly elated that the pair had taken things to the next level, Jonathan gushed in the Beach Hut, saying “ I couldn’t be in a better place if I tried. Can’t stop smiling.”

Again in the Beach Hut, Hannah coyly confirmed “last night one thing led to another and we did end up having sex. It might just be two weeks but in here if you spread that out over time it’s a lot of time. I’ve got feelings for him. I’m in a relationship with him now. I hope to be in a relationship with him when we leave. It just felt right, so I didn’t want to stop it.”

Jonathan then revealed that his feelings towards Hannah were deepening by the day, admitting “the L word is not out of the question but let’s not run before we can walk. We have officiated it.”

As the pair made their way upstairs to the rest of the group, Josh asked what everyone was thinking – “Everyone wants to know? Look at the size of the smile on his face.”

Jonathan reiterated that it was “one of the best nights of my entire life”, before urging the other couples to spend a night together in the hideaway, saying “I would recommend it to any other couples that are thinking about it."

Speaking of the other couples, in tonight's Love Island we see Zoe and Chris embark on a VERY awkward date.

After the text comes through, Zoe’s reaction was less than grateful, as she told the Beach Hut “please don’t put me on this date. Just don’t put me on this date.”

When the pair arrived at a spa, and realised they would be massaging one another, Zoe made her displeasure plain for Chris to see. He asked her “what do you think that your priest would say?”

Zoe replied “let’s not talk about the priest right now. I’m open-minded, this might be amazing. You might change my mind. It’s slightly uncomfortable don’t you think?”

When they traded places and Zoe started massaging Chris, she told him “I’m just going to go with this. I can’t believe I have to touch you. To be fair, I used to give my ex massages but I actually liked him.”

After Zoe had already spent the morning at breakfast regaling Chris with stories about former boyfriends, he said “I’m glad that your ex came out with us because there were about three of them at breakfast with us this morning wasn’t there?”

Zoe and Chris awkward date.

With the awkward atmosphere more and more intense, Zoe reacted “Ouch.”

After Chris surmised that “today’s been a slightly awkward first date” Zoe snapped back and said “I don’t think there’s going to be a second.”

As a relieved pair made their way back to the villa, Chris told the Beach Hut “we went on Zoe’s idea of a nightmare date. We went to a spa, which she literally said before she left the villa that was her nightmare date. You would not believe how awkward that was.”

Love Island 2015 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.