Love Island 2015 spoilers: Josh Ritchie and Naomi Ball kiss!

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Josh Ritchie and Naomi Ball kiss on tonight's Love Island 2015.

The newly coupled up pair their blossoming relationship to the next step, sharing their first kiss in the garden.

Naomi had earlier spoken to Danielle about Josh, saying “I think he’s so fit. His eyes though are just ridiculous. He’s being really, really sweet and stuff. I just feel a bit awkward about kissing him. I want to wait a bit. I have waited…it’s been two days.”

Danielle reassured her that “two days is like two months in here.”

After they locked lips, Josh joked “so you definitely do kiss on the second date!”

Cleary pleased to be paired with Naomi over Jess, Josh said “our conversation would have just been about sex. That’s all she speaks about.”

And having broken off his relationship with Jess, it seemed Josh was keen to go one step further, and see her leave the villa. He told the Beach Hut “I want the boys to pick Zoe and Lauren. I’ve got nothing bad to say about Jess but she’s mugged me off so at the end of the day, I don’t want her in my environment and I don’t want her to bring negative thoughts to the house. I wouldn’t save her personally.”

During a chat with Chris, as they speculated on who Chris would choose, Josh asked him “Who would you pick? Would you pick Jess after what she’s done to me? If she can mug me off, and apparently she really liked me, she can mug you off.”

Chris admitted he had reservations, admitting “absolutely mate. All the girls have got quite a bit going against them, and not that much going for them.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2