Love Island 2015: Jessica Haye erupts at Naomi Ball in biggest row yet

Love Island SPOILERS!

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Jessica Hayes erupts in tonight's Love Island as new girl Naomi ball reveals the truth about her twin date.

It's after Naomi pinched Josh from Jess in Sunday night's recoupling.

“What you have to remember is that I’ve been on the outside, and I saw her date with the Italian.” Naomi revealed. “He pied her. She kept looking at his crotch, she said that she was horny, and she said that she was tempted to stay.”

Naomi’s comments shocked Hannah, who admitted she was confused about who was telling the truth, saying “Jess has lied to us all. We’ve been horrible to the twins maybe for no reason. To be honest I didn’t know what to believe.”

Hannah immediately headed upstairs to the make up area, where she filled Jess in on what Naomi had said about her, responding “are you joking? Oh my god. I swear to god. How dare she talk to me like that?”

She then burst into tears, witnessed by Jonathan and some of the other boys in the bedroom. “The lads are laughing like it’s funny. Josh is laughing, Jon is laughing. Everyone’s laughing like it’s funny” she screamed.

Jess maintained her innocence, claiming "she’s going to make it up, and say that’s what happened, so she gets it on with Josh.”

Jess confronted Naomi, saying “don’t come here and mug me off. You’ve just taken Josh yeah, and you’re telling me that you’ve seen me on TV? What is this a little crowd?” she said as the boys protectively gathered around Naomi.

Jonathan responded “just making sure you don’t end up fighting each other.”

Jess snapped back “I’m not going to fight, I’m not a violent person.”

Jess then continued to push Naomi, asking “why are you telling me that you saw me on TV flirting with the twins saying ‘I wanted to stay, I wanted to stay, I was horny and stuff.’ Are you mental?”

Naomi was unapologetic, telling her “what I’ve seen is what the public have seen. You said you were horny.”

Jess was insistent, saying “no I didn’t. Definitely didn’t.” As Josh then entered the bathroom to hear her side of the story, she pushed him away, saying “just go away!” and then told him “stop sticking up for your new Barbie!”

Naomi then said “you said you were horny, you kept looking at his crotch and you said you were temped to stay.”

As the argument remained unresolved, Jess later admitted to Jonathan “I might have had a bit of flirty banter but that was it!” But Jonathan was having none of it, telling the boys “she’s lying, the girl’s lying.”

Later on and with the threat of elimination, newly single Jess wasted no time as she set about bagging herself another partner making a play for all of Luis, Omar and Chris.

But with the boys getting to pick their partners this time around, is Jess' time in the villa short lived?

Love Island airs tonight from 9PM on ITV2.