Love Island 2015: Daisy Muller, Naomi Ball couple up but who did they pick?

Last night's Love Island recap

love island 2015 spoilers 11

Jessica Hayes LOST IT on Love Island last night as new girls Daisy Muller and Naomi Ball coupled up.

Single life descended on the villa over the weekend as everyone was uncoupled leaving Daisy and Naomi with their pick of the guys.

Daisy said: "It's been a really hard decision, the reason for the guy I have chosen is he's the one I feel the most connection with, that I'd like to know a bit more and obviously I am attracted decision is Jordan."

Zoe reacted: "I apologise for snogigng your man later!"

Next, Naomi made her choice: "Today has been a really hard decision, not one I've taken lightly, I've got to go with my gut instinct. They're the person I'm most attracted to when I came in the house and the person I would best get along with and have a laugh with... the person I've chosen is Josh."

Jess reacted: "SHOCK! Hilarious, forget about the girl code?"

She then told Josh: "Well I'm happy she's taking you off me. Why do you look so happy? You've mugged me of fon national TV, like I'm a f**king prick.

"F**king absolute slag."

Josh told her: "You need to relax," but instead Jess stormed off to the bedroom in tears.

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