Love Island spoilers: Villa gets uncoupled as new girls have their pick of the guys

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The Villa gets uncoupled on Love Island tonight as the new girls get to speed date the guys.

With newcomers Naomi Ball and Daisy Muller's arrival still unsettling the status quo of the original group, they got another shock with a new text.

“Islanders, your time in your current couples is now over. Welcome to the single life! Naomi & Daisy this afternoon you will each speed date 3 boys. After that you will couple up with a boy of your choice! #playthefield”

The pressure of potentially breaking up two of the pairings immediately dawned on both Naomi and Daisy.

“God help me. Immediately all the girls went into panic mode. I could see Jess’ face immediately changed,” Naomi confessed in the Beach Hut.

“I can tell the girls are really quite taken aback because they knew that we’re going to be stealing three of their guys. That kind of put me and Naomi in a spotlight, but not a really good spotlight,” Daisy added.

Hannah summed up the general feeling amongst the girls, as jealousy and paranoia quickly took hold: “We are all going through similar situations with the new girls coming in. We’re starting to like our lads, we’re just worried. We’ve got insecurities which are all quite similar. I really, really want to start trusting, otherwise I really feel like I’m going to lose him.”

Naomi and Daisy spent the afternoon enjoying three speed dates a piece with three boys of their choosing. Naomi selected Chris, Luis and Josh, while Daisy opted for Omar, Chris and Jordan.

Naomi’s fears over Jess’ reaction started to get to her, as she told Josh “I feel like you come with more baggage. I’m a little worried because I don’t really know how the other girls will react either. I don’t want to be outcasted. Dilemmas.”

Meanwhile, having already told Jonathan that she fancied Jordan, Daisy told Jordan she was nervous pursuing things after Zoe’s warnings, saying “I’m more paranoid with you because like, the way that Zoe reacted.”

As the date came to a close, Jordan told Daisy “I am attracted to you, I don’t know you enough. I feel like I should owe Zoe to get to know her as well. It’s hard, but you’re going to have to step on someone’s toes. Whatever your decision, it’s fine.”

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A big decision for Daisy and Naomi then beckoned as the islanders gathered outside to learn which boy the girls had decided to partner with.

Will Jess’ worst fears be confirmed? And is Zoe about to face a rival for Jordan’s affections?

Love Island is on Sunday night at 9pm on ITV2.