Love Island 2015: Zoe Basia Brown and Jordan Ring kiss as new girls cause a stir

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Zoe Basia Brown and Jordan Ring shared a kiss in the Love Island villa this weekend.

The pair's smooch followed the arrival on Thursday night of new girls Naomi Ball and Daisy Muller.

 Their arrival prompted Zoe to confess to Jordan that, for the first time, she had started to feel jealous.
“It’s funny, they came in and they were talking to you," she told Jordan. "I just got really jel. I’m not like that at all. Jealous like. Getting a bit territorial.”
As the pair lay on the bed, he then whispered “give me a kiss” and leaned in for a smooch.
After locking lips for a second time, as Zoe got up to leave, Jordan gave a celebratory thumbs up.
Later in the Beach Hut, Zoe confirmed “Hulk and I finally had a little kiss.”
Meanwhile, the entrance of Naomi and Daisy had the expected effect, with the girls cautious about what the boys would do, and where that would leave them.
Lauren admitted she was concerned that Chris would ditch her now there were two new girls to choose from.
She complained it wasn't fair and added: "He gets to pick out of two really nice girls, and I got to pick out of two idiots."

Elsewhere, the boys also discussed the new girls with Jonathan questioning Josh on whether he was now questioning his loyalty to Jess.  
“I can see you having an argument, because I can see you cracking on.” He said.
Josh was adamant, saying “No I won’t. I won’t. This will put me to my test. I won’t crack on.”
But Jonathan continued to push, asking “on face value, looking at them straight away, would you swap?”
Josh then insisted “no, no I wouldn’t.”
But Jess was already wary, speaking to Jordan after spotting Naomi and Josh chatting in the lounge, saying “she’s trying to crack on, already.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and continues Sunday-Thursday nights.

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