Love Island 2015: Meet new girls Naomi Ball and Daisy Muller

Naomi Ball and Daisy Muller

Love Island 2015 is set to get two girls with Naomi Ball and Daisy Muller entering the villa tonight.

The girls will join the singletons in Majorca in this evening's latest show and are sure to stir things up between the current lot.

First up is Daisy Muller, a 24 year old glamour model from Birmingham who now lives in London.

Second in is Naomi Ball, 23, is an Operations Manager who lives in East London. She goes on two dates a week and was voted the Hottest Girl on dating app Happn.

She says: "I’m single for the first /me since school and I’m really enjoying it. But for the past year I've been going on at least two dates a week - and I did a Monday to Friday run of them once. I love it."

Naomi adds: "I’m pretty good at dating and ge1ng the upper hand with guys. That will separate me from the other girls.

"Other girls put all their cards on the table straight away but I have two golden rules – the first is never, ever text them first or make the first move. The second is not to sleep with them too soon.

"My rule outside of Love Island is a five date rule. But I guess that will go out the window!"

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.