Love Island spoilers: Jon Clark and Hannah Elizabeth kiss while Jessica Hayes spills!

Love Island 2015 recap

Love Island kiss

Love Island continues on ITV2 tonight as another of the couples lock lips for the first time.

Last night saw the first snog of the series as Jess Hayes got close and personal with Josh Ritchie.

In this evening's show, Jess and Hannah chat following Jess’s first night with Josh. “I had a cheeky little feel. I just wanted to check for size. It was nice. Just testing the water. Obviously you’ve got to make them wait but you’ve got to test the water because if it’s small you’ve got to worry.”

“Then you’ve got to rethink your options” jokes Hannah.

Later, Jess speaks to the other girls and told them what had happened the previous night. “I don’t want to do that straight away. I don’t want to give a bloke what he wants but obviously we fancy each other so there was a bit of snogging. It was hard not to do anything. You can’t sleep with a guy straight away. That’s wrong. Its not a good look. I’m happy I swapped (partners) anyway.”

This evening's episode of Love Island then sees Jonathan Clark and Hannah Elizabeth enjoy their first date.

As they lay on a romantic beach, Hannah says “I’m made up we’re on a date. But I’m a bit nervous. I don’t know what the word is. I mean like, when you do flirting little things I get a bit like ‘hee’ like a little girl, do you know what I mean?”

Jonathan confesses the extent of his feelings for Hannah “You’re the only girl in the room. It don’t matter if there’s any other girls in the room, they don’t bother me, it’s just you. I like that.

“I genuinely do like you. I’m happy because I’m sitting on a beach. I’m drinking some moody champagne, and you’re literally looking like Britain’s Next Top Model.

“We’ve come in, we’ve picked each other, which is probably, maybe the best day of my life. I think the first time I ate a turkey twizzler that was a good day in my life.”

The pair enjoy a smooch with Jon then confessing: “It happened and it could have happened any better. She’s the apple of my eye, she’s the jam in my doughnut.”

Hannah later reflects: “It was dead cute, it was dead romantic, it was like off a film.”

Finally tonight, the status quo in the villa shifts with two new entrants, twins Tony and John, who arrive and select Danielle and Jess to spend the evening with them on a date.

But when Danielle and Jess are asked to choose between their current pairings, Chris and Josh respectively, or the new boys - what will they decide?

Love Island airs tonight at 10PM on ITV2.