Let's Dance 2012: Alex Jones reveals co-host Steve Jones' awful dancing!

Alex Jones

Let's Dance for Sport Relief star Alex Jones has revealed that her co-host Steve Jones would be terrible on the show!

Alex, who used to date Steve, told The Sun how she was embarrassed by his dancing when they went out on dates together.

She said: "Steve's dancing is awful. He is like a big gangly giraffe when he dances. We have danced in nightclubs a couple of times, and then I was like, 'Sit down, no!'

"I don't think he can believe I did Strictly, but you will never see him on that show! That is one of the things I am most confident about in life.

"He has got a lot of things going for him but co-ordination is not one of them."

Despite working with her ex, Alex insists she loves hosting the show with Steve.

"It's been great having him back. He was away for the majority of last year as he went shortly after the last Let's Dance," she told the tabloid. "It has been nice to see him on a friend level as I haven't seen him for a while. It has been good to catch up.

"We have been friends for 12 years and we will continue to be so.

"It is lovely having this five-week period when we can see each other and have a proper catch-up. People are glad he is back and it is nice for him to be back on a show he feels comfortable on and with a co-host he has known for a long time."

Let's Dance for Sport Relief 2012 continues tonight on BBC One.

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