Steve Jones excited for Let's Dance 2012 return tonight!

Steve Jones

Steve Jones has said he can't wait for the return of Let's Dance for Sport Relief 2012 tonight, revealing that working with ex-girlfriend Alex Jones is like working with family!

He joked: "There is no need for airs and graces. If my bum itches I can scratch it in front of Alex if I want. I know that girl so well, I could start AND finish her sentences."

Let's Dance 2012 returns to BBC One tonight, with a new batch of celebrities doing their raise win cash for charity.

"I am really looking forward to working with the Let's Dance team again," Steve told The Sun. "They are such a fun bunch."

He added: "As for which celebrity partnership will be the funniest on Let's Dance For Sports Relief, Blackburn and David Hamilton will make you question your sanity! It's gonna be awesome!

"Terry Alderton will surprise everyone, I guarantee it — but possibly for the wrong reasons!"

Let's Dance 2012 airs from 7PM on BBC One tonight.

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