Alex Jones: Presenting Let's Dance with my ex Steve Jones is strange!

Steve Jones and Alex Jones (Let's Dance)

Let's Dance for Comic Relief co-host Alex Jones has revealed that fronting the show against her former boyfriend Steve Jones has been a strange experience. The pair, who split up some seven years ago now, have stayed in touch since their break up but still found it weird working closing together again.

Speaking on This Morning yesterday, Alex said: "The photo shoot initially was a bit strange. It was all like we’ve done this before and it was all 'Can you get a little closer?' and we were like... 'Oh, okay!'

"But it’s quite nice, we’ve known each other for about ten or eleven years so actually the chemistry is already there and we know how the other one is going to react, so it just feels pretty easy."

Alex continued: "I think [Steve] suggested that it would be me, him and Claudia [Winkleman] got on pretty well and he worried who would they get that he knew and could build a relationship with on screen pretty quickly – so he just thought “Alex would be good” and it’s worked quite well."

Meanwhile Steve commented on the pair's relationship: “We went out for a while, so there’ll always be chemistry.”

Alex added: “Hopefully it will add to the appeal of the show. It’s good Steve and I are single as maybe things will be less complicated.”

The pair return to BBC One on Saturday for the final of the show.

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