Let's Dance for Comic Relief 2013: Alex Jones wants Prince Harry on the show

Let's Dance For Comic Relief 2013

Let's Dance for Comic Relief 2013 host Alex Jones wants to see Prince Harry on the show.

Welsh beauty Alex reckons he'd really go for it on the show, although admitted it's unlikely (read: impossible) to happen.

The optimistic telly host said: "I’d really like to see Prince Harry doing it. If you’re going to aim high – go straight to the top! I think Harry would really go for it."

Alex fronts the BBC One series with her former boyfriend Steve Jones, which we're sure isn't awkward at all.

Asked which dances they'd like to see one another attempting, Steve said: "Christina Aguilera's Dirty.

"The dreadlocks, those trousers... I don’t think I would ever stop laughing."

And Alex replied: "I’d like to see him do Swan Lake.

"Because he’s got no sense of rhythm I think ballet would be particularly challenging for him. Plus, the female audience might enjoy him in a pair of tights.

"Myself, I’d give anything a go really, maybe a bit of tap? I always fancied a bit of tap. 'Putting on the Ritz' or something like that."

Let's Dance for Comic Relief continues tonight on BBC One.

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