Gary Barlow doesn't worry about Let It Shine v The Voice UK 'ratings battle'


Gary Barlow is concerned about his new TV show Let It Shine fighting The Voice UK for ratings.

Gary's talent search will start on BBC One this Saturday night, replacing The Voice which has moved to ITV.

The rival TV singing shows will go head to head in the evening with Let It Shine starting at 7PM and The Voice UK at 8PM, overlapping one another by 25 minutes.

Former X Factor judge Gary says he's not worried about viewing figures though.

Let It Shine   Gary Barlow

"That's someone else's job to think of that stuff," he said. "Everyone's going to be talking about that, I'm aware of it, but I think The Voice will be the same as us - you put your head down and you concentrate on your TV show and making it as good as you can.

"It's the same when you're making records and you're looking left to see what Coldplay and One Direction are doing. You're not focusing on your own project. You've got to be head and shoulders in this… But I might be checking [the ratings] the day after!"

Speaking at the press launch of his new series, Gary said Let It Shine was better than rival talent shows as it actually offered singers a job.

The winners of Let It Shine will go on to perform in a new stage musical based on the songs of Take That.

Gary said: “This is for a job, it is not someone waving a contract. The record business is very hard now I can’t even predict what is going to be successful or not. But with this I was able to sit there and say the reason you are here today is a job.

"We are going to give you an opportunity to play around the UK 8 shows a week. By the end of the year I hope these will be the start of careers of years to come.”

Let It Shine   Gary Barlow

It's also been revealed that the show is open to both amateurs and professionals who may already perform on the West End.

“This is open to everybody – we have to open it to everyone," Gary said. “We can’t say ‘hey if you’ve been on the stage before you can’t come through the door.’”

Let It Shine airs on BBC One at 7PM on Saturday night.

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