Gary Barlow says Let It Shine will change people's lives

Let It Shine (working title) - Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow says his new BBC One singing talent show Let It Shine will change people's lives over the next six months.

The BBC announced plans for the new series earlier this year, with the show replacing The Voice UK in January when that moves over to ITV.

The format would appear to be based on the former Andrew Lloyd-Webber as Gary goes on the hunt for singing superstars to play the role of Take That in a musical based on the band.

Gary told ITV's Lorraine about the show: “I can tell you, you're the first person we've spoken to about this, because it's very exciting.

"For many years we’ve been talking about having a musical with our music in it and it seems like all the stars have aligned at the moment, the BBC came to see us last year, they wanted something on the TV talent based and I thought ‘why don't we try to find a band to be in this musical?’"

Former X Factor judge Gary continued: "You know the most exciting thing for us is new young talent and the idea that somewhere out there right now is five people whose lives are going to change over the next six months, it's incredible.

"We're going to get to enjoy a show with our music in it and also watch a band within the musical that we've found."

You can apply for Gary's Let It Shine HERE!

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