I'm A Celebrity 2011: Final four complete Celebrity Cyclone trial!

Fatima Whitbread (I'm A Celebrity)

The final four I'm A Celebrity 2011 campers were told that they would all be participating in the final Bush Tucker Trial this evening, the ‘Celebrity Cyclone’. After watching previous series of the show they had a fair idea of what they were in for....

A relieved Mark said: “So glad it’s not bugs and stuff”.

After getting changed into their superhero costumes, Mark, Fatima, Dougie and Antony headed off to see Ant and Dec.

The pair explained that there were four stars up for grabs and they had to battle the elements to try and win them for their meals in camp. The aim of the game was to get one star on each of the markers on the course. They would need to have them there in place at the end of the time allocated which was ten minutes. Each celebrity would take turns with the pile of stars and pass the stars up the course to each other as it got harder.

Fatima agreed to take the final and hardest star position, while Mark then chose to be third, Dougie second and Antony was to be first with the easiest star. Fatima roaring and ready took the lead and cheered: “Alright boys let’s go!”

The game began with water being sprayed from giant hoses and a fireball, Mark shrieked: “Oh my god what is going on!” Antony started the game on the buzzer and struggled with getting the pile of four stars onto the first marker as he battled wind, gym balls and water being thrown at him.

It was Dougie’s turn next as he met Antony and grabbed the stars and fought hard to reach the next marker. Dougie battled the elements and laughed with a little cheeky helping hand up the backside from Antony as he managed to push on and reach his star.
Mark in his superhero pretty in pink outfit leapt out onto the tarmac but slipped trying to grab the stars from Dougie. His mighty strength was obvious as he succeeded in getting the stars but not before being clobbered in the face by a gym ball.

With only four minutes to go Fatima showed her mighty strength, although slipping and sliding through the cyclone and a big fireball, she lost her star. Having to go back to the start, Fatima battled the strong water and winds and crawled to the top only to be pelted by a mass flood and all of them losing their places.

With only two minutes left the celebrities worked hard to regain their places with Fatima the last to take the final star. She powered through the elements and got to her marker with only one minute left. Mark and Dougie hugged and cried: “Yes…we did it!” Fatima triumphant put her muscled pumps in the air: “Can you believe that?” To which Antony excitedly shrieked: “Oh I loved it!” And Mark proud smiled: “That was one of the best things I have ever done…amazing”.

Fatima pleased with herself over their win, saying once back in camp: “What a triumphant day that was. Four stars, I can’t wait to get our meal tonight, I wonder what sort of meal we'll have?”

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