I'm A Celebrity 2011: Antony and Fatima win two stars in Splash n Grab trial

Antony Cotton (I'm A Celebrity)

Antony Cotton and Fatima Whitbread struggled to work together on tonight's I'm A Celebrity 2011, as the pair managed to win just two stars in the latest bushtucker trial, Splash and Grab.

The aim of the trial was to work together as a team. One would sit in the grabber booth and the other would be the grabber. The person in the booth would control the grabber who would then be hoisted up high to try and grab the stars. When both were in agreement and in position, the person who was suspended would be dropped down to get the star. The stars would then need to be deposited into the collection box to count as one point. They were given ten minutes to try and win five stars, turning them into meals for camp.

Ant and Dec also revealed there was a catch in that the person in the grabber booth would be blind folded so it would all be about communication. They would also not be alone in that they would also be joined by some jungle nasties. Antony admitted: “I’m excited!”. Bossy Antony then took over and decided on his own that he would be the grabber and Fatima would be in the grabber because she was more focussed.

Before they even started the challenge Fatima and Antony were already at each other’s throats. Fatima asked Antony: “Your further away is to my home”. To which Antony shook his head “Why don’t we just say forward and backwards darling then it might just be less confusing”. Fatima laughed: “Oh darling don’t get your knickers in a twist”.

They further argued with Fatima telling Antony: “Yeah but your backwards and my forwards are in reverse…so come on darling what do you want”.

Antony then attempted his first star and green slime was dunked on Fatima. Antony told Fatima to then drop him and at great speed he was then dunked into the water with an almighty scream & grabbed a star. Antony then shrieked to Fatima “Take it up!” As Antony headed toward the collection box ants were dropped on Fatima and Antony missed, losing the star.

Antony then attempted the second star and ordered Fatima to ‘drop’. With an almighty: “WOAAAH! he was dropped and then grabbed the star and said: “Mammas doing her best…hold on!” Antony then ordered Fatima to lift him up as he headed to the collection box and this time got the star in winning his first meal for camp.

Antony then was hoisted back and dropped on the third star but unfortunately missed it as it floated away. When asked how she was doing by Ant & Dec, Fatima spat something out and shrieked: “Ow the ants are biting me!”

Antony was then lifted back up and dropped by Fatima to attempt the fourth star and crickets were then dropped on her. Fatima lost focus as the bugs kept annoying her and Antony missed the collection box and hence on another star.

With the rain really pouring down hard and only one more star, Antony & Fatima worked hard to work together. Antony reassured Fatima when something horrible was dropped on her: “It’s only gunge that…it’s only gunge that”. To which Fatima then lowered Antony down into the water to attempt the final star. Antony managed to grab the star and with not much time left on the clock hurried Fatima: “Full throttle Fatima…full throttle”. As more nasties were dropped on Fatima, Antony managed to get in the star in the collection box winning in total now two meals for camp.

Antony then headed back to try and get more stars to which he missed another. With only a minute and a half left to go Antony is dropped into the water and paddled out unsuccessful with the buzzer going off and unable to obtain any more.

Fatima and Antony managed to survive the trial without any huge arguments but with only two stars in their hands. Antony said: “Me and Fats didn’t kill each other we got two stars so it was a good day out. Ant and Fats we are now or FatAny Fattybumbum!”
His trial partner said: “He’s got a good heart but I don’t think at the end of the day Antony and I will keep contact.”

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