I'm A Celebrity 2011: Fatima and Sinitta win final Beat the Bugs task

Fatima Whitbread (I'm A Celebrity)

Fatima and Sinitta triumphed for the orange team in this evening's latest Beat the Bugs task on I'm A Celerity 2011, although it wasn't without plenty of drama and tears!

Ian Smith - aka Harold Bishop from Neighbours - was back to host the third and final round of the competition, Weight it Up.

In Weigh it Up one celebrity had to hold a box while the other scooped up as many of the bugs as possible – the box that held the most bugs won and were liberated or imprisoned in the Sin Bin.

Chrissie and Emily competed for the blue team, while Fatima and Sinitta took part for the orange team as their camp mates watched on.

From the sidelines Pat told Chrissie that she had to hold the box while Emily scooped up the bugs for the blue team. Chrissie responded by saying: “That will be an advantage for me because I’m a fat bitch anyway.” Emily managed to collect a total of 10.05kg.

Meanwhile, Sinitta screamed and squirmed holding the box while Fatima got stuck into the bugs and the orange team won by collecting 10.60kg and won their way out of the Sin Bin while the blues were gunged and banished from the camp.

Crying tears of relief Fatima said: “There was so much pressure, I didn’t want to let anyone down.”

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