Blue team wins first I'm A Celebrity Gameshow Challenge 'Dart Attack'

Pat SharpPat Sharp's blue team triumphed in the first I'm A Celebrity Gameshow Challenge 'Dart Attack', which was hosted by Neighbours star Ian Smith, a.k.a. Harold Bishop.

Earlier, the campers split in to two groups, who will go head-to-head over the next few days to win immunity from the first elimination.

The orange team, led by Stefanie, is made up of Fatima, Antony, Willie, Lorraine and Sinitta, while Pat is joined by Mark, Dougie, Jessica-Jane, Emily and Crissy on the blue team.

Special guest Ian met the stars at the set and explained the rules. Each team chose two players - one would throw a dart onto a dart board which had been sectioned into subjects while critters crawled over their feet, the other would have to answer a question.

If the question was answered correctly, that team would get a point and their opponent would get an electric shock.  Answer wrong and they would recieve an electric shock.

Willie was first to throw for the oranges, and Antony correctly answered that Rome is Italy's capital city.  Dougie threw next for the blues, and Pat guessed Canberra as Australia's capital.

However, Antony then failed to name Neighbours character Toadie's occupation, losing the competition for his team and earning them a night in the Jungle Sin Bin, a segregated area of camp which only has a letter box for communication.