I'm A Celebrity 2011: Antony Cotton wins eight stars in Crude Awakenings trials

Antony Cotton (I'm A Celebrity)

Antony Cotton was voted by the public to undertake the latest bushtucker trial on I'm A Celebrity 2011 last night, and this evening walked away with eight stars after completing Crude Awakenings!

In order to bring back grub for the group, the soap actor had to descend into a warren of tight tunnels through a manhole cover and of course encountered a number of jungle critters in his quest to claim stars for camp.

His ordeal started as he scrambled into the hole, encountering rats at its entrance. Poor Antony was soon joined by cockroaches that were raining down on him shortly followed by mealworms.

It didn't much easier, as he fell headfirst into a tank of slime before Ant and Dec advised him that there may well be stars on the floor of the tank beneath the sludgy depths. Sure enough, there were.

Next Antony had to crawl though spiders and their webs before climbing though another hole where crickets landed on him. He talked to himself in an attempt to block out what was happening to him.

Next up, he had to crawl into a pitch dark hole which contained cane toads. He was soon joined by cockroaches he kept sliding around unable to get a grip on the metal floor.

Finally finding himself at the end of series of tunnels he had to hoist himself up and out with a rope, but there was one last surprise in store for Antony as he fell down a long water shoot into the trials lake where he landed spluttering. But determined to do his best for the camp he shouted “where’s the star? I don’t know but I’m having it” as he swum around trying to find his final start that he was clutching as he fell.

He asked Ant and Dec of he could return to the tunnels to find more stars, but his time was up. “I actually quite liked that. I know I’m a weirdo” he said.

Recalling the task back at camp, Antony admitted: "The bizarre thing was that I really, really enjoyed it."

“It was important to get food but I believe it was important for Antony to get back his vitality and bounce” said Fatima.

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