Crissy Rock and Antony Cotton dig up latest I'm A Celebrity chest

Crissy Rock (I'm A Celebrity)I'm A Celebrity's Crissy Rock and Antony Cotton had to use a metal detector to dig up the latest Celebrity Chest.

The pair trekked in to the jungle and found a sign reading: "Buried in the ground, use detectors to track it down, once you've found it don’t hang around, digging it up's a plan that's sound."

After waving the devices around a few minutes they begun beeping - but they only dug up a length of old chain. "My nerves are hanging out!" said Antony.

The Coronation Street actor soon found the chest - but there was another twist. It was locked, and they had to use a map to find bits of an old metal plate which would give them the combination to release it. Their search was fruitless until a short while later, when they realised they were reading the map upside down!

After realising their mistake, the pair soon found the combination and dug the chest up. "The Titanic came up quicker than that!" exclaimed a tired Crissy.

Back in camp, they opened the chest, which featured the question: 'How many episodes of Hart to Hart did Stefanie Powers appear in - 101 or 111?'

A confused Stefanie thought that she did five years at twenty-four episodes each, plus the pilot, and refused suggestions that she might not have appeared in every one. However, they correctly guessed the answer was 111 and were rewarded with popcorn.

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