I'm A Celebrity: Contestants are reunited with each other as camps merge

I'm A Celebrity camps mergeThe I'm A Celebrity contestants were reunited with each other a few hours ago when Croc Creek and Snake Rock merged together.

The two groups were told that they'd soon become one after last night's dinner - but Snake Rock wasn't totally happy about it. "We've actually become a really tight family unit," said Dougie.

"We'll be very sorry to leave Snake Rock. We're entrenched here, we're happy," added Willie.

Over in Croc Creek, Fatima had a more positive outlook. "I'm thrilled. It'll be fantastic to able to have different conversations and different personalities in the camp, so I'm really looking forward to that. Me personally I think more than most."

After a good night's sleep, Snake Rock packed up their things and moved over to Croc Creek, where its existing campers welcomed them with hugs and met Sinitta for the first time.

With his role as camp cook under threat, Antony immediately told rival chef Stefanie: "We have three different meals a day. I make rice pudding in the morning with jam. Just making it up as I go along, you know what I mean?"

She seemed fine to leave him to it, saying: "Oh my God, that's fabulous! I'll be your sous-chef."

Jessica, however, had her concerns, revealing in the Bush Telegraph: "I've just got a feeling that something's really gonna kick off."

We're inclined to agree, but it seems they're all happy campers... for now!

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