Mark Wright emerges triumphant from I'm A Celebrity's Creepy Crypt

Mark Wright (I'm A Celebrity)Mark Wright triumphed over Stefanie Powers in the 'Creepy Crypt' I'm A Celebrity Bushtucker Trial, winning food for Croc Creek.

The Essex lad begun the day by telling his campmates how important it was that whoever did the trial gave it their all and brought back the food. But when told he was facing it, he wasn't so keen.

"I can’t do that, I hate rats," moaned Mark after Antony explained what a crypt is.

"Now you’re going to have to eat your own words, like what you tried to tell us earlier," Fatima pointed out. "You’ve got to do your bit, so talk yourself up and kick your own ass."

He met his opponent Stefanie at the trial clearing, and Ant and Dec explained that they'd be wheeled in to their own chambers. Inside there were ten keys, five of which unlocked alcoves. They had open the alcoves, retrieve balls from within, and send them down a chute.

But as always, it wasn't that simple - they were showered with cockroaches, crickets and mealworms, while the alcoves were guarded by rats.

As far as unlocking the boxes went, the pair were hot on each others' heels, but while Mark sent his balls down the chute, Stefanie rolled hers to her feet.

However, that didn't matter as Mark eventually became the first person to find all five balls, winning the food while Stefanie went back to Snake Rock with rice and beans.

"I’ve just won that trial and gone from being the most depressed man in the jungle to Mark of the jungle," he exclaimed. "I want to swing from the trees!"

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