I'm A Celebrity: Fatima Whitbread annoyed by Mark Wright's jungle game!

Fatima Whitbread (I'm A Celebrity)Tensions flared in the I'm A Celebrity Croc Creek camp when Fatima Whitbread took offence at a game made up by Mark Wright!

In an attempt to stave off boredom, Mark invented his own version of Family Fortunes, which he called 'Family Jungle'. Lorraine paired with Antony and Fatima with Crissy.

After he asked who his favourite footballer is, Fatima immediately said: "There is only one great British footballer and that’s David Beckham and if you haven't got him, shame on you."

Mark told her that wasn't the correct answer, and a pissed off Fatima later guessed 'Redknapp'. Mark said he needed a full name, and she said Harry Redknapp.

Of course, that was also wrong, and Mark revealed the answer was Jamie Redknapp.

"I’m not having that," said an angry Fatima. Mark branded her a sore loser, and Antony tried to remind her it was 'just a game', but the adamant athlete moaned: "I’m allowed to have my opinion and the rules were wishy washy.

"It’s a difference of opinion, lets draw a line under it, you need to be more respectful."

"Don’t blame me for being lairy," Mark retorted.

Fatima decided to take a walk out of camp to calm down. She later called Mark over for a conversation, but insisted he turn his microphone off for privacy.

After Mark told Antony about it, the Coronation Street actor moaned: "That’s passive aggression. That’s not on. Why did she take away your mic, that’s taking away your voice."

Who knew a simple game could cause so much stress?

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